10 Ways to Generate Constant Traffic

Establishing Shot: The 405Some of our greatest concerns as bloggers are our loyal visitors and how we will maintain their loyalties.  How do we get them and how do we keep them?

Kiesha’s site has maintained this authority for a reason.  It’s built to maintain loyalties and has grown over time, but how do we ensure visitor loyalty at the very beginning?  What are some effective website traffic building strategies?

It’s true that “content is king”, but what other ways can we attract and secure traffic in the long run?

Whilst content is variable, there is always a niche market that depends on that content. In this post, I offer you a summary of how Weblogetter has achieved visitor loyalties and how you can possibly use this information to achieve yours.

1) New Content on a Daily Basis: this is perhaps the most significant of all, since new content effects your visitor loyalty as well as search engine activity–each time that Kiesha publishes a post, potentially 3,000+ people are waiting and will be on the site as soon as the post is up.

As soon as this post was published, could expect that approximately a thousand people will be visiting the homepage as well as search engine bots–this is the flood I am talking about.

Webpages that have not renewed material also suggests that the website is not valuable enough to place new content; consequently, search engines won’t bother to place the website in any higher ranking.

2) Make your site more valuable, offer additional services: make allegiances with similar-content websites (for they effect your website ranking) as well as establish an affiliate/partner relationships.

Offer them an exchange, you advertise their stuff on your site and they they’ll place your link somewhere on their site.

3) Provide newsletter subscriptions: Newsletters ar ea great way to brand and advertise your site, especially when reinforcing visitor loyalties. If you have a product to sell, offering visitors newsletter subscriptions as well as special offers exclusive to your website (once partnerships are established), you will get a good idea how many of your visitors are loyal.

4) Brand like a maniac: establish familiarity by making your logo appear with a strong consistency mirroring the webpage’s theme. The more they associate and learn that logo, the greater your overall brand/website’s reputation. Don’t forget to have a “Contact Us” page, constant communication is important for your visitor loyalties.

5) FAQ Page: if you’ve got a product to sell, offering a FAQ page will enable them to see your incredibly transparent business behaviour, professionalism, as well as reducing anxiety over your product. Providing this will also give them security that your product is legitimate.

6) Keyword Optimize all posts and pages: there are a number of free online services you can use to optimize every aspect of your website. With high optimization comes easy discovery over search engines, a must for overall success and prestige.

7) Allow visitors to share on all social bookmarking platforms: there are a number of free PHP scripts including widgets that provide this benefit, if you show that you would like them to do what I do, “Share the Love” along with a bunch of social bookmarking links at the end of each post, they may just as well share with all their friends. Marketing is so much more cost-effective if it’s done through social networks.

8) Create a disclaimer/policy statement page: this page will allow you to legally remain secure and provide you n opportunity to establish important “mission statements” and business ethics and philosophies. With this information transparent, you’ll be able to maintain visitor loyalty by providing security with your brand image and product.

9) Don’t spam the newsletters: with all your subscriptions prepared, careful that you don’t spam the hell out of your visitors–if you want your site to go into the abyss, you’ll spam everyone. You must provide security that their e-mails will never be sold to a marketer intent on taking advantage of your niche.

10) Participate in forums/social networking platforms: I often see people link-flooding these forums and social networking platforms like twitter. Keep interacting with your peers and the members of your niche market. The more you participate with them, the more familiarity and the more they trust your product.

With this all set and prepared, you’ll be able to execute a sure-fire way to success in achieving visitor loyalties and subsequently, constant traffic! Good luck!

What are some other strategies that can be used to generate constant traffic?

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