Successful Blog Checklist: Build traffic first, then write your article!

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How are you all? How is your life? I hope that it is good.  Anyways, In this post we are going to talk about “Quality Content versus Traffic”.

Everyone knows that content brings traffic. Yes, I agree with this. Traffic is really important and quality content brings more traffic. But, what if you don’t have much traffic? What is the use of writing quality content?

Yes, I know what you are thinking, there are many counter arguments. I mean, you may argue that quality content along with marketing can bring you traffic. But this is not always the case. There are many bloggers online, who blog very well, but don’t get noticed. Its not because they are not marketing their article.

More over, people are trying out different things to increase their exposure. For instance, people [nowadays]  rely more on guest blogging to get noticed (I use it a lot). The previous statement just shows that people are now finding it harder to build traffic, just by writing content (and marketing). They are using other techniques to market their blog, so that they can slowly build up the traffic and then start writing their best ideas.

Before I go on deep into this topic, let me make it clear: I am not saying that we shouldn’t write quality content  until you have some traffic. I am saying that you need to keep the best ideas for the future (in the short term). Focus on building traffic first, using your existing (quality) content.

After you have acquired a minimum of 50+ visits a day, start writing your best ideas. I would also like to say that I came up with this post idea, just a few days ago. So, I am not an expert here. But, I could tell you what I think. At the end of the post, you have the chance to tell me what you think. Thank you !

Why You Would Want To Build Traffic First?

Why would you want to build traffic first ? Why would you keep your best ideas for the future ? Let’s take a set of reasons that I came up with (yes, there are many counter arguments with each one, you can go ahead and include it in your comment :D) :-

Reason #1: I don’t know about your blog !

Hey, if I don’t know about your blog, how do you expect me to read your blog ? Yes, it sounds a little bit harsh, but this might be a reader’s response if you ask him/her why they are not reading your quality content. There is absolutely no use for quality content without the traffic. Readers are what that make your content unique. Your content will still suck (if you don’t have traffic) no matter, how many unique tips you have in your post.

Readers are like keystone species of an ecosystem. If you take them away, the whole ecosystem will collapse. Every single thing is depended upon it. And remember, most of your marketing and promotion comes from readers. If you are the only one who promote your article, you are not going to get that much notice. But, if you have traffic, then you have more exposure, which means “more life to your blog”.

You may disagree with me, by all means. But, think about it. What is the use of writing the best post on the whole blogosphere if no one is going to see it ? The whole point of blogging is get people to read your blog, isn’t that right? Whatever the motivation might be (make money, blogging for fun), all bloggers have one thing in common: They work hard to get more traffic (the work hard part only applies to “real” bloggers).

Reason #2 : The Reader Response – Commenting, sharing and the economic idea of multiplier effect

This reason is derived from the first one. Writing quality content and getting “no” traffic is also equal to “no” reader response. The Reader response includes Comments (feedback, counter arguments, compliments etc.), Sharing (is caring ; let others benefit from the post) and finally, THE MULTIPLIER EFFECT.

The economic idea of Multiplier effect says that an increase in money supply of a country can have a larger impact on the economy due to the Multiplier (caused by demand and supply). Multiplier effect allows a country to grow its GDP (or get out of recession). In blogging terms, the Multiplier effect applies to exposure. Comments, recommendation (through sharing, word of the mouth marketing etc.) allows us to increase our exposure. And exposure is important to making your content meaningful.

If you write good content and have no traffic, there would be no multiplier effect to help you out. No matter what, you need the Multiplier effect to survive. You can’t survive without the Multiplier effect. In fact, no one can. The absence of Multiplier effect makes life much harder. Just your marketing is not going to increase your traffic.

You need others to recommend it. You need others to take part in your blog. In economic terms, a country can’t survive without the Multiplier effect (it is the reason why countries are able to solve recessions). If there was no Multiplier effect, we would have had to spend the same amount of money to get the economy stimulated.

For those people who want examples to understand this better :-

You Blog. You promote and market your content. Your marketing may earn you some traffic. But, you really need the multiplier effect to work it out. For instance, you need two or three people to share your content, so that it gets more exposure (which means more people will see it and more people will click on it. And if the people find it interesting, they may share it. So the cycle goes on). To build a successful blog, you need to learn to take advantage of the Multiplier effect.

You know, why I wrote this post : To increase my exposure, win some money and share my idea. For me, it doesn’t matter much if I don’t win this contest or if I don’t get much exposure. I will never force you to subscribe or follow me, you may do so if you want. You may even disagree with this post. And I like debates because they help me to think, they help me to point out my mistakes and do better at what I am doing.


That puts a good end to the post (at least that is what I think). Those are my two arguments for building traffic and becoming a successful blogger. Now, let me hear your arguments (for/against). Don’t forget to share them. I would appreciate if you do so, because this post is part of the contest. Thank you 😀

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