How Much Traffic Do I Need?

Someone asked me, “How much traffic do I need in order to earn some decent money online.”  I said, “May be 50 or may be 5000 per day”.

One of the most common questions that many people ask is ab0ut the number of visitors needed to start making money. Well, I would say it depends upon what market you are targeting.

If you get 50 hungry buyers per day you will get instant cash.

On the contrary, if you get 5000 visitors per day just fiddling with their browser for some general knowledge it might take months before you see any cash rolling in.

So who are hungry buyers? I would say someone looking for migraine relief, people who have gone out of their business or are about to go, men above 30 and still can’t get any women, students who are afraid of failing in the upcoming exams, people who are about to lose their houses, a couple who is no longer able to hold their relationship and the list goes on.

All these people are looking for instant solutions may be within a couple of weeks. So, if you manage to drive even 50 of such prospects to your page the conversion rate will be high.

The not-so-hungry buyers may include someone looking for tips to remain healthy, people who want to start some side business, boys looking for dating tips, students looking for suggestions to perform better, someone planning to buy a new house, couple looking for tips to maintain good relationships. These are the prospects that can wait for a few weeks before taking out their credit cards. So, in this case you need to drive more traffic to notice any conversions.

An important point besides getting a lot of traffic is the value you are offering. Whether you get 50 visitors or 500 visitors they will not care if you do not provide solution to their problems. Newbies often fail to realize that internet marketing is a business and like any other business they need to take care or their customers.

Traffic is the blood and soul of your online business. The above factors only come into play when you are capable of generating traffic which is all together a different topic. I would suggest newbies instead of thinking about dollars initially they should concentrate on learning and applying skills needed to start off with Internet Marketing.

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