11 Outstanding Open-Source Tools For Programmers 2016

Programmers and web developers have today more tools at their disposal than ever, in the form of text editors, IDEs, bug-trackers, and testing systems. Best of all is that many of these tools are open-source and either OS independent (usually web-based) or available for all major operating systems (Windows, OS X, and Linux). We don’t want you to miss any of these tools, which is why we’ve gathered for you some of the best and most useful of them. Enjoy!

jEdit is a robust Java-based text editor that comes with many useful prewritten macros and extensions. It supports no less than 200 programming languages, making it one of the most powerful text editors available.

Combining the power of AngularJS, Bootstrap, Spring Boot, Yeoman, Bower, Mave, and Grunt, JHipster provides a unified web development tool ideal for creating Spring Boot + AngularJS projects.

Brackets is an Adobe-powered text editor specially made for web designers, featuring a user-friendly design and powerful capabilities that make it an inspired solution for web as well as app development.

One of the most powerful bug-finding tools available, Bugzilla tracks bugs and code changes effectively. This tool is used by Mozilla, Eclipse, and Linux kernel developers.

Lightweight in spite of its wide range of features, Bluefish is a powerful Web editor that impresses with its strong performance, fast search and replace, and accurate spell checker.

Speeding up development and promoting a clean design, this Perl MVC Web framework comes with a built-in development server for testing as well as with flexible views and session management plugins.

IntelliJ IDEA is a smart and versatile integrated development environment for Java, which can be used for web, mobile, as well as enterprise development.

Supporting over 90 programing languages, CodeMirror is a JavaScript-based online text editor with many features that can improve your workflow, including auto-completion and tag matching.

SoapUI is a featured-rich, versatile cross-platform testing solution for programmers, allowing you to carry out accurate functional, compliance, and regression tests.

Supporting all PHP frameworks and libraries, Apigility makes the creation of high-quality APIs a faster and smoother process, being very easy to understand and use.

Packed with many useful features, including an IDE, a powerful SDK, and an MVC framework, Appcelerator Titanium stands out as a leading mobile development environment which works on both desktop and mobile operating systems.

Do you happen to know a great open-source tool for programmers we’ve missed? Tell us about it in a comment!

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