12 Offline Marketing Tactics for Driving Traffic to Your Blog

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When you first started your blog and researched how to build traffic, you probably learned all sorts of methods. We were taught to do keyword research, optimize our posts, build links and write articles.

Soon we were urged to network on social media and write for guest blogs. However, we’re rarely taught about offline marketing.

Going offline is one of those tried and true marketing methods that many bloggers find a little dull and passe. After all, many of us went online to get away from the offline world.
And yet, it can be a powerful way to drive a whole new wave of qualified readers and customers to your blog who you might never have reached without some aggressive guerrilla marketing. This is especially true if there is a strong potential market for your business locally.

Consider a few of these inexpensive tactics for tapping into a whole new market that your competitors might be missing out on:

Show Your Face Through Offline Visibility
Just as guest blogging, social media and article marketing help you become known and visible online, there are a number of tactics you can use to get the word out offline.

1. Stickers. If you can create a fun design on a sticker, people typically end up sticking it somewhere. Put your url and slogan underneath the design.

2. Flyers. Print out some inexpensive fliers with some brief information about your blog and a url link and start walking the streets. Aside from visibility, there’s the side benefit of getting out from behind your computer and getting some exercise!

3. T-shirts. Design a cool-looking t-shirt with your url, logo and slogan. Then wear it when you’re out and about, at your kids’ school events, shopping, hanging out with friends. Don’t forget to give them to your friends too.

4. Shopping carts. See if you can work out a deal with your local supermarket to put an ad on their carts. I see the same guy’s face and ad with his real estate blog url whenever I go to the market. He’s the first name I think of when I think “real estate”.

5. Sponsorship of events. Just like the big guys have their names all over the field at football games, you can get yours visible on the local school’s baseball team uniform or as the sponsor of a local charity.

Old School Networking
No discussion of offline marketing is complete without the mention of networking. These are some of the most popular and effective tactics:

6. Business cards. Yes, even a blog can benefit from having business cards. You should always have a few on hand to give to people you meet.

7. Conferences. Whether it’s a blogging conference or an industry trade-show, try to attend at least one or more per year. It’s one of the best ways to make connections, learn new blogging ideas, and find potential joint venture partnerships.

8. Friends. Your friends can be some of the first people to spread the word about your blog. Tell them all about it and ask them to share with their friends.

Be the resident expert
Establish your credibility offline by educating people about your niche. You should always have fliers about your business on hand, collect emails, and give out a few freebies if possible.

9. Seminars. Take your webinar offline to local colleges, businesses or community groups.

10. Home parties. Having events in your own home isn’t limited to multi-level marketing businesses like Pampered Chef. You can do one for almost any niche that has a local market.

No one can resist freebies
We’ve all seen them and can’t resist grabbing one. The free pen with a company logo, the eco-friendly shopping tote, or even the food tasting at the local market. Give something away and people take notice.

11. Physical products. Put your url, logo and blog name on giveaways such as bookmarks, pens, water bottles, or key chains.

12. Coupons. Hand out coupons with your freebie or in a direct mailing.
These are just a few offline marketing tactics. What other methods can you think of that don’t involve the online ones we’re always taught?

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