Best Ruby Frameworks for Developers 2016

Ruby is one of the most popular languages on which some of the best websites in the world are built upon. Ruby is dynamic, reflective, powerful and easy to use. What makes it even more fun for the developers are the frameworks you can use to build websites, apps and APIs. Here are 20 of the best Ruby frameworks you should watch out for this year.

Ruby on Rails

One of the most popular web frameworks in the world, Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework that enable users to write code by favoring convention over configuration. It focuses on vital software engineering paradigms and engineering patterns, and relies on MVC (Model View Controller) for systematizing application programming.


Grape is a framework is designed to run on Rack or complement existing web application frameworks such as Rails and Sinatra. It has built-in support for common conventions, including multiple formats, subdomain/prefix restriction, content negotiation, versioning and much more.


One of the most beloved Ruby frameworks out there, Sinatra is your best bet for quickly creating web applications in Ruby with minimal effort.


Camping is a small web MVC framework that can store a complete fledgling web application in a single file like many small CGIs.


Formerly known as Lotus, Hanami is an open source software that is well known for simplicity, fewer DSLs, minimal conventions, more objects, zero monkey-patching and the separation of concerns between MVC layers.


Ramaze is a simple and straight-forward web-framework that works with any ORM and database toolkit. It works on the philosophy of keeping simple things simple and making complex things possible and fun.


NYNY is a ridiculously small Ruby framework that turns your app into the framework, nothing else. Each app is a Rack middleware, so it can be used inside of Sinatra, Rails or any other Rack-based app.


Volt is reactive framework that’s focused on building a fast application and eschewing the yak shaving. It runs both on the server and client side through Opal and the DOM automatically updates as the user interacts with the page.


Cramp is a Rask supported framework designed to function with tons of open connections and provides full-duplex bi-directional communication.


Ramverk is unopinionated, built for speed, simplicity and lower memory usage but still gives developers absolute control. Ideal for small projects building quick APIs but it can easily be scaled for full-scaled apps


Delayed::Job is a Ruby background job framework that was extracted by the folks at Shopify. It integrates easily with Rails, ActiveRecord, as well as Mongoid for interacting with a non-relational MongoDB store.


Sidekiq is a popular Ruby background job framework best known for its reliability and performance. It also comes with a built in dashboard allowing you to view all of your job queues and their processing state.


SuckerPunch is a Ruby job framework that aids in writing thread safe Ruby code. SuckerPunch operates in process, it also stores job state entirely in memory and can operate really fast on small tasks.


Technically, Trailblazer is not a Ruby framework. But we’re including it here because like other the other Ruby frameworks in this list, Trailblazer helps make using Ruby faster. It does this by making Rails work more efficiently by adopting a more intuitive code structure and by enforcing encapsulation.


Nancy is an incredibly fast micro framework that has the same route functionality as Sinatra and based on Cuba.


Scorched is Sinatra evolved, more powerful, focused and less cluttered. Website and applications of almost any scale can be built with this framework thanks to its set of generic yet powerful constructs.


Cuba is a Rack based Ruby micro framework originally inspired by Rum. It was designed to build and deploy simple apps as quickly as possible, with a small amount of files and eliminating unnecessary functionality.


Padrino is built upon the Sinatra Web Library, which is why coding advanced web applications using this framework is made easier and much more enjoyable.

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