20 Best selling authors on creative market 2016

Looking for inspiration when creating your next website? Need fonts, graphics or templates to help make your blog stand out? Some of the best images, vectors, and templates can be found in Creative Market. Below are the 20 bestselling authors on Creative Market; designers who are on the top of their game with the best products on the market today.

  1. Nicky Laatz

If you want something pretty and cute, then Nicky’s shop is the place to be. Check out her extensive portfolio of graphics, templates, fonts and add-ons.

  1. Callie Hegstrom

Callie Hegstrom specializes in hand lettering, illustration and type design. Visit her shop for awesome fonts and vectors.

  1. Cruzine Design

The man behind Cruzine Design, Peter, is a graphic and web designer with over 15 years’ experience. He specializes in vintage looking graphics and templates.

  1. Ian Barnard

Ian Barnard specializes in graphics, templates, add-ons and fonts that has that traditional hand crafted look and effect.

  1. Julia Dreams

Julia is a freelance designer and illustrator with an extensive portfolio of nature inspired graphics and fonts.

  1. Dustin Lee

This Oregon based designer is your go-to guy if you’re looking to integrate some retro aesthetic in your website. He has everything you need to give your site that old school flair from templates, fonts, graphics and more.

  1. Lisa Glanz

Lisa is a designer based in Cape Town, South Africa. She’s very popular in Creative Market for her classically playful graphics, templates and fonts.

  1. SalomeNJ

This graphic designer’s shop; Graphic Box, might be small by most people’s standards but it packs seriously cute fonts, graphics and templates that people can’t help but love.

  1. Beto Alanís

Roberto is a designer, developer and Photoshopper from México who specializes in creating stylish photos, graphics and templates.

  1. Design Something

This designer’s Creative Market shop is just overflowing with products from photos and graphics to fonts, templates and everything in between.

  1. Hustle Supply Co.

Jeremy Vessey is the proprietor of Hustle Supply.co. He specializes in vintage and industrial fonts and templates.

  1. Angie Baldelomar

Angie Baldelomar is a Texas based designer who specializes in clip art, watercolor graphics, fonts, and sophisticated WordPress themes.

  1. Beart Lightroom Presets & Photoshop Actions

BeArt Presets is a team of professional photographers and graphic designers. Their shop features mainly fashion inspired photos and add-ons.

  1. Jessica Johnson

If you like your designs flashy and luxurious, Jessica Johnson’s portfolio of graphics, fonts and add-ons is just filled to the brim with gold and glitter.

  1. Nadi Spasibenko

Nadia is an artist & illustrator and it shows in her portfolio. Her graphics, fonts and templates are mostly influenced by her love of painting.

  1. Mia Charro

Mia Charro is a graphic designer, illustrator, and children’s book author. You can see her whimsical aesthetics in her templates, fonts and graphics in her shop.

  1. Nikolay Todorov

Nikolay is a full-time web developer and self-taught designer. He collaborates with Hris Gradinarova to produce stunning templates, graphics and photos for Creative Market.

  1. Maroon Baboon

This a London-based design geek features an extensive portfolio both in Creative Market and in his personal website.

  1. Eddy Biel

Eddy Biel is a UK-based designer and his shop, Layerform is his online Graphic Design Publication. His Creative Market shop has a wide array of fonts, add-ons, photos, graphics and templates.

  1. Bruno Maioral

Bruno is the founder of BMACHINE, an independent design lab that specializes in mousemade crafts. His extensive portfolio features templates, graphics, photos and add-ons.

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