3 Review Types to Drive Blog Traffic

In today’s blogosphere, there is so much attention given to driving traffic to your blog or website. Newbies ask about it. So called experts talk about it. And serious bloggers? Well, they do it.

In researching the topic of driving traffic for this post, I discovered three product review types used by bloggers who successfully build traffic. These types of posts are time tested avenues for bringing those much desired readers to your site.

1. Product Reviews
There are a couple of different ways you can go with product reviews. First, you can simply review products you already use in an effort to increase your readership. Or, secondly, you can reach out to various product owners within your niche. These owners are always looking for new and fresh ways to promote their wares. By simply reaching out to product owners within your niche you can sometimes score some free swag in exchange for writing a post outlining your honest opinion about the product, whether good or bad.

For example, if you own a tech blog, you could review various tech gadgets like tablets, smartphones, software, or The Hopper.

2. Resource Reviews
Another review type that is sure to produce a spike in your page views is resource reviews. Again, as with product reviews, those who own or develop resources are also looking for ways to get their products out there and noticed. Therefore, by writing an honest review of a great resource — whether paid or free — you can provide useful information about something you use. A good example would be a WordPress-related blog that reviews plugins and themes.

3. Entertainment Reviews
The third type of review that is a surefire traffic generator is entertainment reviews. Many readers look for reviews of the newest movie, latest TV show, or juiciest piece of current events news. By presenting your own perspective on these and other entertainment topics, you can capitalize on the buzz that has already been generated around them. A prime example would be an entertainment or news blog that reviews movies and TV shows.

I hope this trifecta of review possibilities awakens a fresh and new path of opportunities for you and your blog. After you leave a comment, be sure to Like, Tweet, and Pin as I am very interested to hear how you have used review posts on your blog or site.

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