8 Advantages of Using CDN for WordPress Sites

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If you’re someone who has gone far and wide just to ensure fast loading page for your website, then you’ve probably come across the idea of using a CDN. Yes, having CDN on top of your web hosting partner could solve these perennial loading issues. Or can it?

In this article, we’ll break down the benefits you’ll be getting if you decide to get a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for your website.  In no particular order, this list will cover eight of the biggest benefits you and your website can get through CDN.

  1. Fast loading speed

Speed takes the crown as one of the biggest benefits you can get out of using a CDN for your WordPress site. CDN speeds up loading time by getting the data of your website from the nearest server, instead of the main server of your web hosting partner, thereby cutting down latency.

With CDN, there is less worry about speed since CDN services have servers situated in different parts of the world, making your WordPress site more accessible without that loading time drag that could prompt site visitors to click the close button.

  1. Consistent performance around the world

With more than one server helping to deliver the data they need in a short span of time, there’s high guarantee for consistency in performance of your website. It allows your visitors, regardless of where they are around the world, to get a faster loading page when accessing your site.

  1. Save up and get more visitors

Yes, CDN service is not for free. But because it allows your website to perform better by having a consistent, faster loading page, regardless of geography, you are more likely to get more money from your website. It also allows you to save up and earn more since you get more visitors who are less likely to click on that dreaded red button.

  1. SEO

Search engines play a key cog also when it comes to loading speed, especially when assessing which websites will appear on the first page of their site. The faster a website loads, the more likely it is to get better ranking online. Want to get ahead with your competitors? Be more visible!

  1. Less likely to crash

Since the work to send out data is distributed among different servers around the world, it is less likely for your website to crash. It also doesn’t pile up the work to a single server, thus, making it easier for your visitors to receive your website’s data without the hassles of waiting. This benefit is important for owners who have websites that are beginning to have more visitors.

  1. More layers of Protection

Aside from these strategically placed servers around the world that has a copy of your website’s data, CDN services also often come with other security support measures. These services keep the owners safe from DDoS attacks and other vulnerabilities.

These additional services usually come for free along with the CDN service so you can save some money too. It doesn’t only help you take care of your website’s basic needs, but also caters to your possible needs for the long haul.

  1. Analytics

Aside from the fast loading page that helps websites rank higher in search engines, most CDN services also have built-in analytics function to help website owners get a good idea about the movement of their site visitors.

  1. Website Performance Boost

Instead of pouring out the dirty work to one server, using CDN services allow more servers around the world to share the work by responding to data requests near them. It helps save bandwidth and cut down on the cost for web hosting.

Overall, CDN is suitable for website owners, especially for individuals who run online stores, who are witnessing an increasing number of site visitors every month. Not only will CDN make your website load faster, regardless of where you are around the world, it can also help you save money, and help leverage your website’s online visibility. It is an investment that does not limit its benefits to the present, but also extends them into the future.

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