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9 Awesome iOS Apps For Web Designers

Web designers have today many wonderful tools at their disposal, and some of these are available on iOS in the form of easy to use iPhone and iPad applications which help them come up with ideas for their projects or even do web design work on the go. Intuitive and fun, these apps take full advantage of the beautiful screen of iOS devices as well as of their camera and other powerful features. We’ve scoured the App Store to find the apps that are the most useful for web designers on the go, and gathered them in a list. Discover them below!

With the streamlined Adobe Color CC you can capture inspiring color combinations in nature and everywhere else using the iPhone built-in camera so you can use them for your web design projects later on.

  • Color Expert

Combining a smooth color wheel with a color extractor, Color Expert helps you extract colors from images stored on your device and generate a HEX code for them.

An excellent guide on typography written specially for web designers, this app helps you ensure that the text you use with your web designs is not only readable, but also beautiful.

  • Ruler

Ruler turns your iPhone into an accurate and easy to use portable ruler that makes a conventional ruler quite unnecessary.

WhatTheFont helps you identify unknown fonts that you like. It works by scanning a photo of that font you take with your iPhone camera and then searching the world’s largest font library to find the closest match.

Great for quick, accurate sketches on the go, this intuitive app is easy to use and features a great selection of brushes, shapes, and clip art.

  • PicLab

This powerful image editing app features a large collection of filters, effects, shapes, borders, patterns, and light FX that you can add to your web designs to enhance them.

  • Web Design In a NutShell

Packed with best practices and useful tips, Web Design In a NutShell is a valuable, insightful read for any web designer, and can also be used as an on the go web design reference book, sparing you the trouble of having to use Safari to find information online.

  • Design Shots

With Design Shots you can browse for inspiration the creations of other web designers and graphic artists on Dribble, one of the world’s best-known platforms for visual artists.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list! If you know some other great iOS app we’ve missed, let us know!

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