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9 Gorgeous Fullscreen Background jQuery Plugins 2016

Fullscreen background jQuery Plugins create a visually stunning and highly immersive user experience by turning a web page into a fullscreen background image or a fullscreen slideshow. They are a great addition to any fashion, food, art, or travel website, although they are by no means limited to these categories.

There are so many awesome static as well as dynamic fullscreen background jQuery Plugins out there that you may not know which to grab first. That’s why we’ve made a list of some of the most beautiful and most customizable jQuery Plugins available on the web. Discover them below.

Better than the original version, Vegas 2 displays fullscreen backgrounds or smooth slideshows, being flexible and easy to customize. For slideshows, you can define the interval between images as well as the fade value.

Lightweight and easy to use, Maximage2 lets you turn a web page into a wonderful full-screen image slideshow with graceful transitions.

As its name suggests, this jQuery background plugin softens the background with Gaussian blur to create a wonderful background effect.

One of the best background video jQuery plugins, CoverVid turns HTML5 videos into awesome background cover images that make a great first impression on visitors. This sleek plugin stands out from other similar plugins thanks to its ease of use.

Built with jQuery and CSS3, the Fullscreen Slit Slider comes with some really nice effects, including the “slice” effect. Whether you choose to use it with photographs or creative slides, this plugin is a great way to make a web site more memorable.

A fullscreen video background player with a twist, Tubular lets you add a YouTube video to your page background, which then plays in the background. It’s a well-optimized, easy to implement plugin that won’t bog down your site.

Built with CSS3, this clean and streamlined slideshow works well with any type of imagery and comes with nice effects.

Now that we’re done, let us ask – which is your favorite fullscreen background jQuery plugin?

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