9 Top Open-Source Content Management Systems For Web Developers

A content management system (CMS) provides a unified framework for building and developing a website in a fast and effective way. A CMS enables web developers to easily change the look and feel of a website, enhance its functionality with extensions, plug-ins, and modules, and easily manage content and authors. By using a CMS, you can automatize many of the routine operations that creating and managing an engaging website entails, so that you can focus more on the quality of the site, rather than the technical aspects. While you’ve probably heard of WordPress or Joomla! already, there are a couple of other great open-source CMSs worth a try. Discover the best of them below.

The world’s best-known CMS, WordPress.org stands out because of its user-friendly design and amazing developer community, which provides a rich collection of free as well as paid high-quality themes and plug-ins.

Packed with features and featuring thousands of extensions, Joomla! Is a robust CMS ideal for businesses and organizations, especially since it generally has fewer security issues than WordPress.

While not as user-friendly as other entries on this list, Drupal is extremely powerful and extensible, making it an inspired choice for large web development projects, such as corporate portals.

Featuring a user-friendly interface and excellent documentation, TextPattern is a versatile and adaptable PHP-based CMS well suited for small as well as large websites, whether we are talking about blogs, e-commerce sites, or company homepages.

Powered by a dedicated developer community, concrete5 provides a flexible website development platform with a convenient dashboard and a beautiful, highly-customizable front end.

Offering you complete control over the website you are building, MODX impresses with its scalability and flexibility, and comes with powerful features such as the separation of custom code from the presentation and a .MODX Cloud for easy project delivery to customer.

SilverStripe uses an interface reminiscent of WordPress and is intuitive and easy to customize, including all the key CMS features you need to build a professional-looking, full-featured website in a short time.

This .NET-based CMS comes with starter kits, a powerful API, and intuitive content management tools that allow you to create engaging websites and intranets.

Lightweight in spite of its rich set of features, Contao is a great choice for creative web developers who want to break the mold and design websites that have a unique look and feel.

Do you use any of the content management systems mentioned above? If you do, perhaps you can tell us what you like or don’t like about them.

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