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9 Top Responsive jQuery Lightbox Libraries

jQuery lightbox libraries help developers add beautiful galleries to websites as well as implement pop-up functionality for images. Whether a jQuery lightbox is responsive or not has become very important these days – outdated lightboxes do not display properly on mobile devices, ruining the mobile experience.

The good news is that there are many wonderful responsive jQuery lightboxes that are fully responsive, automatically resizing images depending on the screen size of the device on which they are viewed. Here is a careful selection of 9 top responsive jQuery lightbox libraries you can use in 2016 to create wonderful websites.

Featuring swipe gestures for mobile browsers, keyboard navigation for desktop, and retina support, SwipeBox is a great example of a next gen jQuery lightbox that, on top of its features, is also easy to customize.

Lightweight and well-optimized, Magnific Popup differs from other lightboxes in that it allows resizing through CSS. This makes it extremely convenient for a wide range of websites.

As a dependency-free library, PhotoSwipe is available in two styles: All Controls and Minimal. The Minimal style features no captions and comes with a transparent background.

The latest version of iLightBox is packed with wonderful retina-optimized skins, swipe support, and video integration for YouTube and HTML5 video. Best of all, the iLightBox API comes with free lifetime support.

Weighing only 6kbs, Featherlight.js is perfect for minimal websites as it keeps page loading times to a minimum while providing a beautiful visual experience.

This simple and unsophisticated lighbox gallery comes out of the box with useful modular features such as full screen, zoom, and animated thumbnails, and works well with touch and drag movements.

jQuery lightboxes don’t get simpler than Mini Lightbox, which can be quickly and easily initialized with simple <img> elements. Whether you choose to load it as a full image or as a thumbnail, this lightbox hardly ads any weight to your website.

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