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9 Useful Android Web Design Apps

For web designers, Android has become a reliable mobile platform with plenty of useful apps, comparable to those offered by iOS. Whether it’s code editors, color & typography tools, or HTML cheat sheets, Android offers to both smartphone and tablet users powerful tools that can help them improve their productivity. We’ve searched the Google Play store for some of the best Android apps for web designers and this is what we found. Enjoy!

  • Color Picker

With Color Picker you can easily detect the colors in the photos you take with your device’s built-in camera or that are stored in your device’s gallery and view RGB values and HEX code. Also, you can save favorite colors for quick access to them later on.

  • Fontest

This typography app lets you preview TTF and OTF fonts to see how they look on an Android device. It has smooth font resizing and is very easy to use.

  • VT View Source

Offering the same functionality as the view source feature of most modern web browsers, this app helps you understand the code behind HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or XML sources, and includes useful features such as multiple viewing modes, syntax highlighting, and in-source links.

  • Hackers Keyboard

This virtual keyboard adds to your Android device arrow keys, Tab or Ctrl keys, and other useful keys, providing a powerful 5-row, multi-layout, desktop-like keyboard experience which can improve your workflow.

  • DroidEdit

A text and source code editor, DroidEdit supports CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and other languages, and offers features such as syntax highlighting, Dropbox support for opening files straight from the cloud, search and replace function, and keyboard shortcuts.

  • Learn HTML5

Featuring simple explanations to all HTML5 elements, this HTML cheat sheet is a great reference tool that can serve as a convenient reminder when you just can’t remember what a particular element is used for.

  • CSS3 Pro Free

Full of information about CSS3, ranging from the basics to advanced details for experts, this CSS3 cheat sheet comes with categorized and searchable CSS3 properties, making it very easy to use.

  • WebDesigner Keypad

This special keyboard for web designers comes with 104 different keyboard shortcuts which enable you to use HTML and CSS elements and commands more easily.

  • Weebly

Weebly is a powerful, beautiful, and easy to use website builder that empowers you to create any type of website, blog, or store straight from your Android device. It’s a great tool for quickly designing an attractive website.

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