Best Shopify Apps 2016

So you want to have your own Shopify store? Shopify has made building, managing and maintaining online stores a lot easier, but there’s always room for improvement. Here are the best Shopify Apps in 2016 to bring your store to a whole new level.

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth has an advantage over other referral apps as one of the easiest ones to use. In under 10 minutes you can create points based on loyalty and referral programs to help encourage your customers to keep on buying.


Make your store mobile ready with the Shoppad app, which automatically optimizes your store for mobile phones and tablets.


If you have a large store, keeping track of repeat purchases can be difficult. ReCharge makes it easier to bill recurring customers, manage subscriptions, and multiple payments.

Recurring Orders

If you’re selling subscription products then Recurring Orders Is the app for you. They have world class customer support and a system that allows you to automatically generate and bill your customers.

Yotpo – on-site reviews

User reviews are a great way to promote your store and get more customers to come in. Yotpo allows your customers to leave reviews of their purchases from both on-site and signature in-mail review.


Want to have an online store but you don’t have an accounting background? Sufio helps business owners by automatically creating professional, customizable invoices and thank you notes to customers.


Pipemonk is actually 2 apps that make accounting easier. Once allows you to integrate Quickbooks while the other one integrates Zero.  So whichever you want to use, Pipemoank can make accounting automatic.

Social Media Stream

If you want to sell more, your store has to be on social media. Social media stream makes it easier by integrating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… or any social profile on your Shopify store.

Lucky Orange

Stumped as to why you’re not selling as much or why your sales page isn’t converting. Luck Orange helps business owners with powerful analytics that provides insights to shopper behavior and points out the problem so you can fix it.

Returns Manager

Managing returns suck. But Return manager makes the process easier by helping you manage returns in a professional way.


If you’re using social media to connect with customers, then ReAmaze is the app for you. It lets you connect all your emails, live chat conversation and social media interactions in one place to better manage your customer support.


Import your entire store to Shopify in one click. StoreYa doesn’t just make the process easier. It also automatically customizes the store to fit your brand, lets you add boxes for social media accounts, create group deals and more.


If you want to increase your sales through an app, nothing beats Wanelo. What makes this app even better is that now you could list items directly on Wanelo and manage everything through Shopify.


Soundest automatically pulls all of your customer emails into a mailing list. It also allows you to go onto your Shopify store, and simply click on the products you want to feature in your email and create a slick email newsletter in under 10 minutes.

Improved Contact form

This Shopify app instantly creates a “contact us” page and popup form for your shop that you can easily customize. Get messages from customers and get built in spam protection without editing your theme or having to hire a developer.

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