Best WooCommerce Plugins According to Function

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WooCommerce is the most popular and reliable ecommerce platform for WordPress. It has hundreds of available plug-ins to make your online store functional. Some of these are free while others are available for a certain fee. Setting up an online store requires you to have the necessary plug-ins for different use. Here is a short list of the best WooCommerce plugins according to function:

Product listing

As an online shop, you need to present your products to your customers in the most convenient approach. You need plugins that will improve the overall impact of your product page including its content. WooCommerce plugins like Product Options for WooCommerce, Product Add Ons, Product Variations and Gravity Forms Add-on will allow your customers to customize their purchases.

Pricing Deals

You can offer wholesale prices to your customers even when selling online. This can be made possible by Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce in which you can create a catalog sale product and variation discount pricing. You can choose to have the Pro version which gives you additional flexibility of applying sales and promotion. Another plugin that will help you manage your prices is the Pricing Deals for WooCommerce.

Rewards and referral programs

One way to get your customers come back to you is to have them in rewards and referral program. There are WooCommerce plugins that will make you set up a loyalty rewards program. The Loyalty Rewards for WooCommerce and WooCommerce Points Rewards Extension are excellent ways for you to establish a loyalty points system, subscription rewards and other rewards scheme.

Refer A Friend for WooCommerce, Affiliates Pro are reliable in setting up different discounts to new and referring customers. With Affiliates Pro, you can also assign coupon codes to affiliates to credit them with sales commissions. You can also grant commissions on recurring payments and set individual commission rates per product.

Sale Process

The primary reason why people go for online shopping is convenience. Hence, as a seller, one of your goals is to deliver the best online shopping experience to your customer. Shopping must not be complicated for an online customer. Here are the best plugins for your sale process:


WooCommerce Delivery Slots allows your customers to select delivery dates for their order. On the other hand, the Google Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce plugin helps your customers in selecting their address. This plugin will make the customer select their address from a list, avoiding errors or missing information.

Shopping Carts and Stock Management

Shopping carts are icons for shopping. In an online store, it is very helpful to have a cart for your customers to place their purchase. Shopping cart plugins displays the items and prices of your customers. One of the best shopping carts is the WooCommerce Cart – WooCart Pro.

For your inventory and stock management, you can have WooCommerce Availability Notifications which empowers your website to have customize stock availability notification for in stock, low stock, out of stock and back order.

Social sharing

One of the best ways to reach out to customers without spending so much in advertising is to let your customers spread the news. As an online store, it is best that you have plugin that allows your customer to share their online experience. Your customers can also share your products, coupon offerings, and promos in their network. You can have WooCommerce Social Log In, Social Buttons for WooCommerce, Discount for Likes, and AddShoppers for your social sharing.

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