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Is Web Video Marketing Worth the Effort?

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Web video marketing first bounced onto the scene when the real estate market found how easy it was to bring people into a home for sale through virtual tours. Since then, web video marketing or Web 2.0 has been met by some with great enthusiasm and met by others without any enthusiasm. So is it worth the effort?

The truth is that you will reach a certain demographic with web video marketing. You will also reach another demographic via text. Some people prefer to watch a video, as the visual stimulation tends to stick with them better. Visual learners are often the first to appreciate a good quality Web 2.0 presentation.

Yet there will always be a relatively large percentage of the population that prefers to read their information. In a world where we still have to dig around search engines, some people find it easier to flip back and forth between text presentations in order to get the information that they need.

Serving both of these demographics is a vital part of promoting an online business or website. Provided that you use high quality video (NOT your camera phone) and you keep the clips short and to the point, you are likely to do well in the web video marketing genre. However, if you drop your text efforts for all video, you are likely to miss more than 50% of the population.

There are many ways to get the most out of your marketing efforts. Regardless of whether you are trying to sell coffee cups or you are promoting a drug free campaign, using a mix of video and text can help you reach the entire online population rather than just a portion. There will forever be some readers and there will always be some watchers. Reaching them all is just smart marketing.

Is Online Network Marketing Doomed?

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Network marketing used to mean going to a variety of meetings, making cold or warm contacts, and tracking down family and friends to come join your meetings. Many empires were built on this offline method of creating network marketing success, but yet the internet has changed a great deal of this.

Network marketing has intermingled with internet marketing and the entire face of the game has changed. Once incorrectly called ponzi or pyramid schemes, legitimate network marketing online was reaching its peak about ten years ago. Many companies went from the network marketing method to the affiliate marketing approach with much better success.

The internet has offered a wide variety of methods for making money with any type of business imaginable. Network marketing requires you to bring in people under you, mentor them, put time and effort into them, and build legs that create your success. Affiliate marketing and internet marketing allow you to put the same amount of effort into your promotional techniques while not worrying about filling legs or matrix requirements.

There are still many die hard fans of the online network marketing method. In most cases, these are very successful marketers who are able to catch wind of the next great product or business, and they invest in the early levels of the program. By the time it reaches the masses, their legs have already been filled and they have already made their fortunes, again. Most people who do not have many business tactics, cultivated email lists, or extensive connections or money to put forth into network marketing help the wealthy but often flail about in the bottom legs for a very long time.

Persistent efforts can create a network marketing success story. If this is where you put your money, then you can eventually be successful. Yet with all the other potential money making marketing businesses on the internet, network marketing doesn’t make much financial sense for the average newbie.

Is Article Marketing Permanently Viable for Website Promotion?

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Search engine optimization is a permanent part of promoting any web based business. Yet with so many different ways to promote your website, one must wonder about the viability of article marketing for the long haul. After all, most of us can remember methods like opt in emails and safelists that were sold to newbie marketers for those who wanted to start their own internet business.

Using a variety of methods for website promotion is always a good idea, but it is not recommended to skip over the necessity of article marketing. Articles are a surefire way to get the most pertinent aspects of search engine results linked to your website. If you can get the invaluable insight from an SEO expert you will find that articles market your site in numerous ways. Between keyword optimizing, back linking, and resource boxes, you might be surprised to find out how articles are the only way to continually boost your search engine ranking.

Long term success is vital when it comes to internet marketing. Fly by night methods only leave a marketer frustrated and struggling. Longevity of success often depends on the longevity of the marketing method. There is no question that article marketing is still blooming, still increasing search engine ranking, and still a growing aspect of marketing that will continue to create successful ventures online.

The concerns of yesterday’s marketing techniques are behind us. You are no longer receiving information that only works for a small percentage of the marketers out there while struggling with your own website. It’s not necessary to reinvent marketing the way many of us had to just ten years ago while we struggled to find a way to market our sites successfully. Article marketing is a long term, viable method of finding your own internet success.