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Capsis achieves top google keywords

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Capsis marketing work has achieve top google organic placements for highly targeted keywords such as custom website design, custom websites, custom website development.

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Shops On The Web

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Developing an e-commerce on the website is beneficial if there is an online shop with the website. The application needs to be designed to meet various needs of the user and business. The hidden attributes of the application needs to be designed for each business by a professional to avoid mishaps within the business and customer relations.

The success of the e-commerce site needs to have a host that will have an advanced package to provide all aspects of the services. The bandwidth of the website is crucial for effectiveness of the online store. When the bandwidth is slow, the customers will experience frustration leading to a possible lost sale. A professional developer will know the correct bandwidth for the particular site and adjust the applications accordingly.

In addition to the bandwidth of the site are the payment options for the store. Without a secure and trusted payment process, the sales of the online store will not occur. Some of the secure payment processes include sites such as PayPal and Visa. The processing of the customer’s private information earns the trust and further sales.

The developer of the site will purchase a SSL certificate for the online store to ensure the buyers of the safety and security of all purchases. This action also builds credibility for the business as well as a higher level of trust by the consumer.

Having a shopping cart for the online store to provide the options of the buyer to add or delete purchases is another factor with e-commerce online stores. When the option is added, it allows buyers to view their purchases prior to finalizing the transaction.

Another factor for the e-commerce store is to have outstanding customer service support for all transactions and customers. The customer needs to know they can contact the business with questions or concerns anytime. This adds to the trust factor and increases sales.

Online Company Brochures

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

One of the many uses of websites is to have a custom website designed as a brochure. These are basically online company brochures. The sites consist of three or five pages highlighting the business.

There is an introduction to the company for the viewer. This area clearly explains the products and services offered by the business. This is the educational part of the website to educate the visitor.

The call to action is placed to entice site visitor is another part of the site. The viewer is encouraged to use the product due to some proclamation of the benefits in the life for the user. The call to action will have the phone number of the company, a live chat feature, or an online form to fill out for more information to directly contact the company regarding the products or services.

The use of such sites creates a database in most situations for the business to contact the potential customer and increase the sales. The brochure is available to internet users 24/7 worldwide to generate a larger customer base and sales for the business.

This custom website design is popular for all types of businesses. The site can be detailed with information about the products and services including all the vital information including the size and prices of each or it can be a tickler to pique the interest of the site user.

Included in the site can be a response request from the user to the business for a follow-up contact or call. This opens the door for businesses seeking new customers but do not want to cold call or waste time with rejection. This allows a business to have contact with only interested customers who generally will purchase from the business.

The custom creation of the website will be designed to gain the interest of the customers based on trust and honesty. The viewer needs to have a certain level of trust in order to provide any personal information for the company. A professional developer knows the right words and phrases to form that trust to ensure the visitor will request contact.