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Professional Site = Professional Customers

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

The correct development of your website is crucial for the profitability of your business. Here are some vital aspects of the development of a website to increase trusted customers to your site.

Color scheme of the website and pages is important. Using too many colors or unpleasant colors creates an unprofessional and unacceptable website. Try to use only two or three colors that are pleasant and are joined in the color spectrum. Think about the professional teams in various sports for options of colors that are eye appealing and visually comforting.

Font choice is another factor for developing an attractive website. The fonts are to be connected to the type of service with a professional appearance. Avoid using multiple fonts that will distract the users of the site. They are reading the information and not observing the various fonts that are distracting and disturbing. The readers need to have a pleasant experience to limit the types of fonts used so they can easily read the information.

The design elements need to be clear and simple. This includes the logo and special effects. Avoid shading, thin lines, and thick lines. The design of the website needs to be pleasant to keep the interest of the users. If they are startled or offended by the over used elements, they will leave the site, and you lose a potential sale. Remain conservative with the design elements to keep the user focused on the services and products.

The copy of contained on the site needs to be clear, concise, and correct grammar. Keep the information interesting without using large words or incorrect grammar or spelling. The site is attract the reader not give them a headache with the various errors or information you are presenting. Make the information user friendly and light. Avoid using slang or jargon the reader will not understand.

Development includes the logo of the business. The customers will generally recognize the logo before remembering the name of the company. The logo is used on all the business paperwork and documents. It needs to be simple but something the reader will associate with the business. Think of the complexity of the logo and how the reader will perceive it before selecting the logo for any business usage.

Content Is King

Friday, October 15th, 2010

The development of a website means the difference of a profitable site and one that fails to achieve the goals of the site owner. There are many methods used to produce the goals of the site owner. The newest and widest used developmental tool used to interact and attract users is blogging.

This method is not the old fashion means of keeping an online journal. It is currently the means of communications that has evolved into an effective business tool for all sized companies that want to know how customers view their business operations and products.

It is important to understand the means of using blogging for business enterprises. It is a highly effective means to attract new customers when they use the internet to seek same types of services and products.

To begin blogging, you need to have a business website with the application added. One of the most popular and widely used applications is called WordPress that is easily added and adapted to any website. The features of this application make the blogging experience simple and easy for all users.

When you have the application added to your site, start writing professional content that your readers will find interesting. Keep the information honest and real without any type of misleading content that shows the writer’s personality and style. Blogging is designed to create a one-on-one relationship with potential customers so let yourself shine with each addition to the blog site.

There are not any rules of blogging other than proper grammar and spelling. Focus on the target audience to help them feel more comfortable and willing to respond to the blog and other posts. Think about the content a potential customer would like to read and use that as the basis of the blog.

After creating the blog, read the posts and comments on other blogs within the shared industry. When you participate in other sites, you have the ability to reach out and leave your thoughts as well as your blog site web address to attract more traffic to your site.

Leave interesting comments that will gain the interest of readers who will then visit your site to see what you have to personally offer them. Use links to your site with all of your posts for the readers to have fast and easy access to your site. This interaction will lead to further profits and traffic to your site.

25 WordPress Plug-ins that Keep Blog Visitors Engaged

Friday, October 15th, 2010

photo_21182_20101001-250x393Keeping your website and blog visitors engaged is paramount to success.

Below are my favorite WordPress plugins that help keep my web guests engaged, SEO rockin and the geek in me satisfied. Note there are many options when it comes to plug-ins, tools and gadgets.

This is by no means an all inclusive list. However, if your website is looking a little grim and/or you’d like to increase engagement, rank better on the search engines, the below is a good place to start!