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How Pinterest is Driving Blog Traffic, Taking Over Everything

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

PinterestOK, I’ll admit it. I was eavesdropping. But to be fair, the two flight attendants sitting behind me on my last plane ride made it too easy. What’s more, they were talking about social media. I couldn’t help it.

After about an hour or so of chatter – marriage, flight attendant gossip, a free trip to Iceland – one of the two women asked the natural question.

“Are you on Facebook?”

“Yes! Oh, friend me,” said the other back.

My thought was, well, everybody’s on Facebook. Then, the she added something unexpected.

“Have you gotten on Pinterest yet?”

Pinterest? Not Twitter. Not LinkedIn. Not Google+. Pinterest.

But is that really all that unexpected? According to third-party measurement data from Shareaholic, Pinterest drove more traffic to online publishers in February than Twitter.


12 Offline Marketing Tactics for Driving Traffic to Your Blog

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Offline marketing tips for building blog trafficWhen you first started your blog and researched how to build traffic, you probably learned all sorts of methods. We were taught to do keyword research, optimize our posts, build links and write articles.

Soon we were urged to network on social media and write for guest blogs. However, we’re rarely taught about offline marketing.

Going offline is one of those tried and true marketing methods that many bloggers find a little dull and passe. After all, many of us went online to get away from the offline world.