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5 Ways to Get your blog Noticed

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

Your blog is just one of the billion sites parked on the World Wide Web. Chances are, you don’t think yours will ever get noticed. We hear your cries for cyber attention. Here are five ways to get people clicking on to your site.

1.) Make sure it’s professional looking.
No one likes looking at blog that reminds them of a book report they wrote back in school. WordPress offer thousands of great looking free templates to use and with some coding knowledge it is easy to make some minor adjustments to them to fit your blog perfectly.

2.) Put your URL on every search engine possible.
Putting your URL on business cards and bugging your family and friends to check out your site won’t exactly increase traffic. Submitting it to search engines will make it easier for people to find you, provided that your webpage carries the topics they’re looking for. To understand how a search engine works, think of it as a “spider”: it crawls through your website, picking up words and information which would later be indexed in the search engine’s database. So make sure you pepper your site with keywords you think are relevant to what people are looking for.

3.) Link everywhere.
Find other sites that carry similar content as yours and ask to exchange links. Create banners to be placed on other peoples’ websites, and offer to the same for them on your site. Add your URL on your e-mail signature.

4.) Advertise offline.
The world of cyberspace isn’t enough to get you noticed. Write up press releases and send them to local newspapers and magazines. Print out fliers to be distributed. Just make sure that your site is already up and running to avoid giving people a bad impression (no one likes getting pumped up for something only to get disappointed).

5.) Interact with your readers.
Create an e-mail list so you can update your visitors about new developments, and always be open to feedback. Reply to comments on your blog, use Social Media to interact with your readers..

Just three things can make your blog Popular

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

Have you ever thought what are the differences in the blog of yours and a blog of Pro blogger? Or why they are much popular and what makes them so popular in this blogging arena. The most important thing that often strike in our mind is what for they blog. Your answer will be for Money, but that’s not true, pro bloggers do not work for only money, they work for the popularity that can be achieved while blogging. But not every blogger can achieve a tag of PRO blogger, though after a research and talking with various bloggers we have enlisted three things that can also make your blog popular.

Now do you want to make your blog popular?
The question will be answered by us from this post, and from the scratch we will try to find out what are the problems that you can solve instantly.

User Engaging Content
Need to understand that not everyone is equally talented. So if you can’t accept this fact then you will be in serious problem. If you think you are writing posts that are not engaging and your post has got lot of errors you can try GRAMMARLY, content is the king we often have heard this, but how many of us really care for our content most of us are just busy in hiring so called SEO experts so try to work on your content from the next time you publish anything on your be specific and this can make your blog popular.

Use catchy headlines for your posts
Always use a catchy headline so that your visitors are bound to click on your posts. Research about the topic you are willing to write: The catchy headline followed by a good matter in your content will allow your visitors to fall in love with your blog and this will surely make your blog popular. So try to do a bit research on what you are willing to write.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
It is as important as your contents are, and the benefit of your SEO can be doubled if your contents are engaging. We will explain this section in a quick way yet we will try to tell you some important things you can apply quickly on your blog and can see instant results.

Mainly you need to do Onpage SEO that is the SEO works you will do on your posts i.e. Keyword Analysis, this can be done by Keyword difficulty checker Ferzy tool this will analyze your keyword search and help you to rank higher on search engines. Just a keyword research will not help you to rank you need to place that keyword at the right areas of your blog posts, also don’t overdo anything with your keyword else it will be that beneficial as you want it to be. Now we will be discussing about the Off page SEO, in short means the SEO works you will be doing for your blog on other blogs i.e. link building, commenting on other blogs are used by the bloggers for link building, though we personally suggest to do guest posting on your niche blogs that will surely help you to rank your blogs rankings in the search engines.

Working on your Design of the Blog
What if your blogs have engaging contents, you are doing SEO for your blog but your blog design is awful. Do you ever try to visit a blog that do not impress you as in the first look? Before working on your blog’s design try to think just like a visitor of your blog. Try to keep things so systematic that anyone that visits your fall in love with your blog. Choosing the right themes that make this work much easier, there are many themes that are so user friendly that you can design and customize your blog with a very little effort. So unless you pay attention to your blog, you can never get positive results. According to me trying new things is the new methodology of learning. So never ever hesitate to try new things on your blog you never know which one will get best results for you.

Just these 3 things can make your blog popular, as these techniques are adopted by most of the pro bloggers. If you have a different opinion on this you can share your views to me via comment section. Hope this post of mine will surely help you to make your blog popular.

Author: Jay Yadav