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Working from home due to the corona virus?

Monday, April 6th, 2020

Time for the first blog post in a long time. I have been busy with family related issues and also trying to figure out what and how to do with my online business adventures. Now all is clear to me and I am ready to get going from home, like most of you all out there.

I am currently in Sweden and the hope for returning to normal life in the near future is very low due to the poor Swedish handling of the virus, so as it seems this is the way life will be and it is better to get used to it early and find ways to work productive from day one.

Compared to what others are going through working from home in a bit uncomfortable ways is nothing and I am happy to accept it.

Big tech companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Twitter announced a long time ago that the majority of their employees will work from home for the foreseeable future. In Sweden Spotify was one of the first big ones to let their employees work from home.

Hoping that all big and small companies worldwide will be able to ride this out and come back without losing too much.

The biggest struggles working from home is loneliness, managing time and communication with colleagues. Another issue in some countries is that schools are shut down so parents need to juggle the time between company and family priorities. The situation is tough for many but finding a clear strategy that works can help you make it through.

The first simple thing is to find out what type of technology can make it easier for you to work from home.

A comfortable wireless mouse is my top pick. Find one with ergonomic design and one that also allows you to customize the functions of its buttons and speed of the scroll wheel. A good mouse will help you limit the amount of wrist and hand fatigue.

A wireless full-size keyboard might be a good idea if you are, like many, working from a laptop. Chose a wireless one to avoid making your home office cluttered by a bunch of cables.

Obviously a good quality web camera is another key accessory for your home office. I recommend Logitech C922 Pro Stream webcam combined with the software ChromaCam, this combo will let you change any background to one solid color. It can be good to have this function so your colleagues don’t need to see the mess behind you.

What’s your favourite accessory to make working from home easier? How do you balance work and family life when being at home? Is it difficult for you to divide your time between work and helping your kids with their online learning? Let me know. I am sure we all can learn something useful from each other to get through this tough situation.

The Psychology behind Choosing the Right Colors for Your Website

Sunday, October 13th, 2019

Did you know that simply changing the color of your copy can change your conversions and sales? It is true. Color has the power to affect our emotions. This means choosing the colors for your website is not a black-and-white decision.

Matching Your Niche to the Right Color

You want your website to fit your niche and audience, right? Some topics lend themselves to certain colors. For example, if it is a website about love and romance you might use red or purple colors on the site. Take a look at these popular colors and the emotions they evoke:

Here is a list of some of the common colors and what type of psychological emotion they invoke in people:

Red colors are generally associated with love, passion, romance, danger, excitement, action, and adventure. Red is also a great color if you want to grab someone’s attention. It is often used in the headline on a sales page. Studies have shown it generated a higher conversion rate than other colors.

Blue often represents calmness. It is often used to exhibit a professional image. It is associated with trustworthiness and success. Its a symbol of water, purity, and cleanliness.

Green often represents money. It also represents sustainable living, health, and nature. Green is another calming color that symbolizes life.

Orange often represents or evokes creativity, celebration and fun.

Purple stands for passion. It is also commonly used to represent royalty, luxury and fantasy.

White is clean. It is simple and it is innocent.

Yellow isn’t a color commonly used on websites. Yellow can cause people to feel irritated or anxious. However, it can also represent playfulness and fun. Many people associate pale yellow with youth.

Pink is a soft color. It is also a very feminine color. It is great for love, baby girls, women’s health and even young girls fashion and interests.

Brown is an earthy color. It represents simplicity, matter-of-fact attitudes and nature.

Black, while it can be dark and mysterious, is also solid. It is a color that leaves no room for doubt.

Do the colors on your website presently support the image you want to portray? Do they have the desired effect on your prospects and visitors? If you’re unsure, consider making minor changes and testing and tracking results. Test the color of your headline. Test the color of your background. Test the color of your forms too.

Color has a dramatic effect on emotions. It can motivate, inspire, and touch. Take advantage of the effect color has and use it on your site to help you achieve your goals.

Running an online business

Sunday, April 28th, 2019

What avenues are best to bring customers to you and increase your visibility?

A very effective way to generate business, thus increasing your profits, is to talk to people you know; friends, families, neighbors, hit the pavement, spread the word to everyone you know, especially those who like your business and the products you have to offer. Be creative; if one of your products is a balloon consider going to all the restaurants in your area and make a deal to have your balloons given to the children who enter. When you go to businesses or friends take a few samples of your products to show them, leave your products with them so they can look at them while you are gone and then follow-up with them and find out what they think. Make them feel a part of your business.

Networking is a great way to make business contacts and you can do this almost anywhere that you go. Your local chamber of commerce often has networking functions where you can meet other business owners in your area. You can talk to them about their business and what works for them, exchange business cards. This is a great method for making contacts. After the social function make a point to go and visit their business, develop a relationship with them.

Be apart of a community with the people you want to do business with. Join the groups they congregate in. You want to be able to be a friend that provides advice and helps out. Speak to your friends and gain their trust. This will ensure that they will listen to your recommendations and will trust your instincts on this topic. The point is to make sure the people that are buying from you are not just buyers but trusted friends. They will be who brings you the most business. Word of mouth is the most powerful tool you have and is the hardest to get. This will let others in your community know that you are real and a person. Other questions to ask your self are as follows.

What can I do when I have been running an online home business site for a couple of years but your profits are not as strong as you would like? One thing to do is to review that you are getting enough traffic to your site, if you are satisfied with this aspect of your business you might want to consider increasing your sales through the method of follow-up promotions. The beauty of this idea is that it does not necessarily bring more hits to your site but it does bring more people to your site that will buy more of your products and this will generate more income. If you have customers, at least 30 percent of them will purchase from you again and this number will continue to grow if you use the follow-up techniques that are presented in this article.

Take a good look at your customer base and realize that you can have them buying many times from you than someone else if you follow-up with them. If they already like the product they purchased from you, there is a good chance if you offer them another product or a discount on what they already purchased, they will come back to your site and buy again, and then they will spread the news of your site to their friends. When customers like a product, they tell others. The more you follow-up and offer them items from your site the faster your profits will begin to increase.

One of the techniques used in the follow-up is to reward your customers for using your site and buying your products. In addition, you can reward them for referrals to others. Special notices that say thank you for their purchase or offering a small discount if they come back or refer your business to a friend are all great ways to increase your profit margin. Another technique is when your customer signs up at your sight are sure to send confirmation messages that their request was received though instead of simply saying, ìwe have received your requestî add a little something extra in there. This is a great time to offer them something extra from your sight or a discount off there next purchase, be creative and you will be amazed at the responses you will receive.

The importance of this approach is to let your customers know that you are following-up with them to make sure they are happy with their purchase and that if they have any questions or concerns they can contact you. Do not overwhelm them with sales pitches let that become a secondary message. Make them feel like you really care about their satisfaction with your product.