CodeLobster PhP IDE Free version Review

A good coding editor is a necessity when it comes to creating a website. Having a code editor or an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) essentially makes the entire task of website building less arduous, yet more efficient. But what should be given more thought is the choice of IDE to use when developing a website. In this article, we will look into one of the most trusted and free IDEs in the market, CodeLobster.

CodeLobster is a portable IDE that has three options: free, lite, and professional. In this review, we will look into the free option and its features to see just how useful this Codelobster’s free option is for programmers. Here are the most useful features of Codelobster.

  1. Code Highlighting – Depending on the coding language used, CodeLobster IDE highlights different codes such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript as well as other mixed codes in the same file. For this feature, the user can also customize the color scheme used for different coding categories through the Preference option
  2. Autocompletion – Like other IDEs, CodeLobster also offers autocompletion option for HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript. For faster coding, Codelobster also identifies the structure of the project and helps implement tags, functions, etc., for the supported coding languages.
  3. HTML and CSS Inspector- Codelobster uses an HTML and CSS Inspector such as Firebug to help users inspect the elements on a web page, as well as see the changes in real time.
  4. SQL Manager – This feature gives the user control in handling their database such as add, edit, delete, export or perform SQL queries.
  5. Debugger – CodeLobster’s free version comes with a thorough PHP debugger that runs the PHP script, line by line, to determine which parts of the code doesn’t operate as it should.
  6. FTP Support – This feature allows the user to work with a server to edit and implement the necessary changes to a file
  7. Context help – It supports all types of languages, and gives a short description about a tag or function. To enable this function, simply place the pointer on an element or press the F1 button.

Other features of CodeLobster’s free PHP IDE include pair highlighting, block selection, code folding, viewing of structure of files, split window, file explorer, bookmarks, previews in a browser, and a portable option for users who do not want to access the editor without installation.

CodeLobster’s Pro version, on the other hand, provides better support for developers who work with different frameworks. It supports Drupal CMS, Joomla, Smarty, Twig, JQuery library, AnguarJS, BackboneJS, MeteorJS, CodeIgniter framework, CakePHP, Laravel, Symfony, Yii and WordPress.

This PHP IDE also supports interface languages in English, German, French, Italian, Slovak, and many others. Overall, CodeLobster is a highly reliable IDE for web programming, especially for users who are looking for a product that has a lot of features without spending a lot, or in this case, without spending at all.

CodeLobster’s free option is considerably useful and dynamic due to its powerful features. It is also easy to upgrade with  Codelobster, from Free to Lite or Professional. Users who have downloaded the free version and want to get plugins for different popular CMS and frameworks can easily get another version by visiting the CodeLobster website.

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