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Create Good Designs from Bad Design Ideas

It is probably the toughest thing to handle a client who gives you 100% freedom and asks you to design they you want. Initially it may sound good when they say that they have checked your designs and have complete faith on you so that you can do whatever you wish. But finally you may have to tear your hair when they say that they did not like your design after you show them.

Designing a website is not at all an easy job as many of us as well as many clients think. It involves lots of effort, hard work, time and above all creativity. Therefore, after such an effort when the client just rejects the design without looking at it for second time it is natural for you to get disappointed a lot.

It is better to have clients who specify their needs and requirements, the purpose of their business target audience and the products and services they offer to their clients before finally handing over the project to you. But if you unfortunately get such client do not feel disgusted. There are some tricks, which can help you to win them over at the very first attempt.

As a professional web designer , you may find three types of clients depending on the type of working experience you may have with them:

Go Getter Client:

There are a number of clients who are quite ambitious about their projects. They frequently rush to your office with different types of unique ideas for their project. They want you to work the way they want. Though it may sound a bit weird but this is true. Working with these type of clients can be difficult for you as they quality or the way they want you to work can be beyond your skill set or you have to waste lots of time and resources to satisfy them. But as a professional designer you have to manage all these hazards.

First you need to fix a time to contact them physically or via chat or Skype, mail or telephone. Second, when they start sharing their absurd ideas you should immediately point out the flaws and the impracticality of the ideas followed by your concerned suggestions. You should convince them to use your ideas. If they still continue nagging tame them with mock designs and mail those designs and ask for their feedback.

I Trust you Clients:

Though initially it seems that it is the easiest to work with these types of client but actually this is not at all true. At the beginning they will give you the 100% freedom but finally after lots of effort and hard work when you finally present them the design there are high chances that they will flatly reject them saying that this is not the thing they actually want. But they will not be able to make you understand what they actually want.

It forces you to waste your precious time in a single project by doing and redoing a single design again and again. To manage these clients you can make some mock design as well like the previous one and show them. This will help you to get a concrete idea of what type of design they actually want. These types of clients generally love to give feedback than design ideas. Therefore, do not think twice to ask for feedback from them.

What do you think client:

These types of clients are another toughest nut to crack as they usually have no idea of what they actually want. Having these clients has both its negative and positive sides. Positive side is, as the client does not have much idea about what they want, you can take good control over them as well as on your creativity. On the other hand, as you have the entire control, you have to play the role of both client and the designer, which can create a bit pressure on you.


You need to remember that you are a web designer and you need to work the best to maintain the quality of your design to impress your clients. You just cannot excuse or blame your clients for a bad design idea produced by you. You need to satisfy both yourself and your clients with your designs and only then you can be a successful designer.

PerOla Hammar 陈家悦
Father of 2. Marketing, sales & web geek who is open-minded & eager to learn. Experienced a lot in the past years, both good and bad. Lesson learned? LIVE LIFE!