How to finish your project on time?

Time is one of the most crucial elements of any project. It’s the time-constrained tasks that usually induce the most stress to project managers who keep an eye on the general flow the project. And realistically speaking, time is a factor that can’t be excluded in any project.

It’s when clients are guaranteed that they will get the output they want within the time frame that motivates the team to work on the project efficiently. So if you and your team are working on a project, how can you guarantee that your project is finished on time?

Set your target

In any project, setting the team’s goal is the first step that allows the project manager to layout specific steps that will serve as a guide to the finalization of the project. Setting your target makes it easier for you to plan out the necessary steps, materials, manpower, and generally the time to complete your plan.

Be realistic about the time

After establishing what and how you want to complete your project, you need to carefully layout how much time each step of the project will take. Consider your manpower and other resources in determining how much time you and your team needs to finish everything.

In as much as you want to impress your client by giving them the earliest time estimate, you have to make sure that you allow enough time to buffer in case uncalled for circumstances will happen midway of the project. After all, providing quality output on-time is more impressive than handing an unfinished or worse, disappointing product.

Select the team

We know you’re enthusiastic about your project and you’re excited about getting people to start the production. But working with people who are just as enthusiastic and as dedicated as you makes work a lot easier. Moreover, it’s important to select people who has the same skill-set as you to promote efficiency.

Communicate and Follow Up

In every stage of your project, you have to keep track and follow through the team’s progress. Is there a specific area in the project that is not given enough attention? More importantly, will the project be finished on time?

This is the key to make every relationship to work. Consistent communication with your team and your clients ensure that the project flows according to plan. It also helps in making sure that everyone involved is on the same page and to avoid possible miscommunications.

Keep an eye on the budget

In every business, time is equivalent to cost. Budget is an important factor in the production process that affects the overall flow of the project. Ensure productivity and efficiency on the production but also keep in mind that everything has to be within the allotted budget.


This should be a no-brainer for every project manager. Your team’s commitment allows the project to move according to plan. It is the driving force of your members to give their best in everything that they do. It also becomes a personal motivating factor for everyone towards completion of the project.

Overall, the key really to finishing a project on time is to keep communication lines open, and for every member of the team to stay committed to their tasks. Completing a project on time is not impossible, it simply needs the right people, resources, and commitment.

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