Stable servers that grow with your online business…

When you took the leap into managing your own online business, you had multiple factors to consider. One of most important is website hosting. You need a stable and secure server to make your website accessible on the internet where customers can find you. It’s your business location online, and CapsisMedia is here to make it safe and efficient.

24/7 Website Efficiency, your web hosting at Capsis media works round the clock to make sure your website is running smoothly for your management and for serving your customers promptly.

Custom and Reliable Support, partnering with me and Capsis Media means you can access help and guidance at crucial times in your business website operations. My commitment to your business goes beyond manning your website; I provide much-needed support to your staff as well.

Secure Website, I provide protection for your website to prevent malicious hackers and intruders. You can count on me to back up your valuable data on a regular basis to avoid information loss.

Check out for more information about my hosting. I have servers in Australia, South East Asia, Mainland China, Europe and North America. There is a good solution no matter where you are located.