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How Pinterest is Driving Blog Traffic, Taking Over Everything

The overwhelming majority of people doing some sort of online business are always in the search of the “shiny” new traffic strategy.

What I fear the biggest problem is that they overlook the old but proven-to-work traffic strategies.

Today I’m going to remind you of some of the best traffic gems I’ve ever come across.
But, don’t worry! If you’re new to online marketing, then you probably haven’t heard or implemented any of these strategies.

Even better, because you’ve just discovered the true traffic strategies and probably saved yourself 1-2 years of bumming around on the web to stumble upon these.
Bottom line, these traffic strategies could easily bring in 100’s or even 1000’s of new visitors (if combined) each and every week.

They are the real deal.

Guest Blogging
Let’s start with the most simple one – guest blogging a.k.a. guest posting.
The idea behind this traffic source is to write content for other webmasters. In return you receive new visitors.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are literally dozens of benefits why you should start guest blogging today.

Some of the greatest are:

  • new visitors to your website
  • your content exposure to a new audience
  • branding yourself
  • relationship building
  • building your expert status
  • joint venture opportunities

It’s really possible to build your online business based on only guest blogging alone. Some people have.

But think about it for a second. Why should you bother with guest blogging in the first place?
Well, I think that the most obvious reason is to get fresh targeted traffic.


Yeah, but that’s how it goes. If you want traffic, then you write some guest posts and get them published on other blogs.

Now, but let’s get serious for a while…

The actual “WHY” I and other bloggers do guest blogging is because of two reasons:

  • your brand new blog has no traffic
  • you want to LEVERAGE other people’s blog traffic

So, basically, if you don’t have traffic coming to your blog, then you need to leverage other webmasters’ blog traffic, because they’ve got plenty of it.

And that’s how all the “gurus” got started – they leveraged other people’s traffic.
You cannot build a successful business yourself, you could and should use the opportunities you’ve got online to build it.

Syndication Marketing
The next strategy, we are going to look at is what I like to call syndication marketing.
There are many ways how you can do it.

But the important point here is to, again, LEVERAGE other people’s web property, their online “real estate” if you like.

There are hundreds of ways how you can accomplish this, as there’s a ton of different places where you can advertise your product or service. Instead of blatantly promoting your stuff with written ads and banner ads, let’s try it the other way around.

You may not know it, but most online marketers are wasting their web property.
All the online “real estate” they’ve got, they are ignoring it and thus leaving huge money on the table.

Okay, I’m not going to tease you any longer.

Here’s the online “real estate” that I’m talking about:

  • thank you pages
  • members’ areas
  • log-out pages
  • log-in pages
  • exit-pages
  • download pages
  • auto-responders
  • etc.

Why are online marketers leaving huge money on the table? Because the usual way, how they use their thank you pages, download pages is they tell the subscriber how to confirm their subscription or something. Instead, you could include a free bonus on the thank you page, which adds even more value to the subscriber.

Online Marketplaces
Another really, really good way how to get traffic is to use online marketplaces.
People sell different stuff online. Sometimes you couldn’t have imagined how bizarre some of it is.


The way how you can get some targeted traffic is to first find these online marketplaces, which can sometimes become a pretty daunting task. It depends greatly on the product you’re selling or the niche you’re in. But here are a few examples:


The way I like to look at it is that I offer information products. Be it free or for a price.
Instead of visiting all the ebook directories and document sharing sites and publishing content there, I like to think a little more targeted.

I know that publishing my very best content in the ebook directories won’t necessarily give me 1000’s of new visitors. And it’s hard to get TARGETED visitors.

The solution is to utilize different forums.

The thing with forums is they’ve changed a little. You can get very targeted visitors from forums these days. But it wasn’t always like that.

Forums are attracting like-minded people, people particularly interested in a certain topic. A while ago forums were more like social sites, just like Facebook is today. Therefore you can get very targeted visitors from all the different forums in different niches.

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