Is Article Marketing Permanently Viable for Website Promotion?

Search engine optimization is a permanent part of promoting any web based business. Yet with so many different ways to promote your website, one must wonder about the viability of article marketing for the long haul. After all, most of us can remember methods like opt in emails and safelists that were sold to newbie marketers for those who wanted to start their own internet business.

Using a variety of methods for website promotion is always a good idea, but it is not recommended to skip over the necessity of article marketing. Articles are a surefire way to get the most pertinent aspects of search engine results linked to your website. If you can get the invaluable insight from an SEO expert you will find that articles market your site in numerous ways. Between keyword optimizing, back linking, and resource boxes, you might be surprised to find out how articles are the only way to continually boost your search engine ranking.

Long term success is vital when it comes to internet marketing. Fly by night methods only leave a marketer frustrated and struggling. Longevity of success often depends on the longevity of the marketing method. There is no question that article marketing is still blooming, still increasing search engine ranking, and still a growing aspect of marketing that will continue to create successful ventures online.

The concerns of yesterday’s marketing techniques are behind us. You are no longer receiving information that only works for a small percentage of the marketers out there while struggling with your own website. It’s not necessary to reinvent marketing the way many of us had to just ten years ago while we struggled to find a way to market our sites successfully. Article marketing is a long term, viable method of finding your own internet success.

PerOla Hammar 陈家悦
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