Logo Design

Your brand logo creates a unique connection between your business and your customers.

Your brand logo – impressive, original and identifiable – creates a unique connection between your business and your customers. Upon seeing your logo posted on merchandises, billboards, letterheads or business cards, customers can instantly feel the familiarity, the appeal of your brand and the identity that shines through. Capsis Media discovers the unique identity of your brand to create the perfect logo for you.

As an experienced logo designer, I commit to these deliverables:

  • 2 Initial Logo Concepts
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 4 Final Logo Designs for Approval
  • Multiple Print and Web Formats
  • Full Copyright Given to Client

New technologies in logo design are exciting to discover. At Capsis Media, I don’t rely on old techniques; I combine various media to design a logo for your brand that truly show what you stand for. Creating a spectacular 3D logo or an intro video that launches your brand logo globally through the web is my forte. Whether conceptualizing about your first logo or revamping an outdated version, I will work with you within an environment of freedom and creativity.

I create different types of logos depending on what your business needs. Explore your options:

  • Symbol or Icon: Simple, often stylized version of an object as logo
  • Word Mark: Shows the spelling of the brand as a logo
  • Letter Mark: Identifiable logo that presents the initials of the brand or company
  • Combination Mark: A blend of symbols, words or letters for a striking brand logo
  • Emblem Incorporates the company name within the design

Logo design is a creative challenge that Capsis Media has conquered countless times. I have designed unique custom logos for many companies and businesses through the years and it’s time I create your very own logo – one that captures the very essence of your brand.