macOS Sierra Update: New features, release date, and other rumors

Apple Inc. is set to bring major changes for Mac with the advent of the Apple macOS Sierra. With this new update from the Cupertino firm, Macs are expected to be more interactive, with an even more enhanced user experience.

The macOS Sierra is expected to introduce new features that will set this OS update apart from its predecessors. It was announced last June 13 during the Worldwide Developers Conference, and is expected by many to be unveiled during the upcoming special Apple event on September 07, where the company traditionally launches their new OS along with other new devices. And while the wait for the big day draws near, here are some of the most popular features to watch out for in macOS Sierra:

  1. Siri

Yes, after the long wait, everybody’s favorite Apple virtual assistant is coming to tend to your Mac’s needs. Although this AI still has some areas that need to be worked on, its present functions can help make work easier.

  1. Auto-unlock

The upcoming Mac OS Sierra is expected to arrive with an auto-unlock feature for Apple Watch. For this to work, Apple watches must be authenticated to the Mac. After the authentication, it will automatically be able to unlock the mac without the need for a password.

  1. Storage

macOS Sierra will look into its storage and security while ensuring that your computer is clean of anything that can be potentially harmful. The new update will automatically move the contents inside your laptop to the iCloud where it will be safely stored and ready to be downloaded,  in case of need.

After 30 days it will also automatically clear such data like web caches, cached Map tiles, fault and error logs, and Quick Look thumbnails, and many others permanently. While this feature helps optimize Macs and make storage easier, it could also prompt users to purchase additional space for storage apart from the free 5GB offered by iCloud in the long run.

  1. Apple Pay

Apple Pay is also one feature that is rumored to be on board through Safari, with authentication to be done through an iPhone or Apple Watch. However, this feature has not been featured on the web yet, thus, it would be smart to take this claim with a grain of salt.

  1. Universal Clipboard Function

It’s in this function where the interaction between iPhone and Mac comes in. Through the Universal Clipboard, it is now easier to transfer text or any type of content from the Mac straight to the iPhone or other device.

  1. Memories

This tab is set to appear in the Photos section and will include facial recognition. Moreover, the Pictures in Picture multitasking function that was originally available through iPads only is also expected to make its debut in this upcoming event.

  1. Tabs

The features that originally opened a new window are now accessible through tabs, making them less of a hassle.

  1. APFS (Apple File System)

Since 1998, Apple has been using their Hierarchal File System (HFS), especially when using Macs’ computer system. But with macOS Sierra, HFS will soon be replaced with the Apple File System (APFS), which is expected to bring more security, speed, and reliability for macOS. The new file system, however, is still in its final stages of development, and is available only to developers. It is speculated to reach users in 2017.

  1. USB 3.1 Gen 2

No confirmations yet for the release of USB 3.1 Gen 2 out of macOS Sierra, but many are excited about the possibility of its attachment to the new Mac feature, owing to its speed. If this speculation turns out to be true, the new OS might be able to support faster transfer and process speed.

Rumors began when a string of code in the beta version of macOS Sierra appeared with a super_speed_plus string. However, the string is not a valid confirmation yet as far as the upcoming macOS upgrade is concerned. As of this writing, the latest beta that was released for macOS Sierra was the beta 8, and is available only to developers and public beta testers. The hardware is expected to be released for free and will see the light of day in fall.

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