Necessary Elements of a Great Website

A website is essentially every business’ most accessible channel that customers can access to 24/7/365, minus the extra cost for store utilities and the pay for employees. Needless to say, it’s important that business websites should also be created in the same way that a business owner creates the actual brick and mortar store.

It’s possible to compete with big brands online, provided that you have a strong digital marketing campaign—which largely involves creating an effective website. Whether you own a start-up business or one of the big players in the industry, here are 7 elements you need to remember to achieve that website that converts.

Captivating headline

This applies largely for businesses with ongoing marketing offers. It’s important to capture your audience the first time they check your website. It can be through an HD photo with text or a banner that clearly states what your customers can get. Remember to have a concise but creative headline on top of your landing page. This will urge site visitors to scroll down or click the offer to know exactly what they can get.

Call to action

Maximize your power to control the elements of your website by leaving call-to-action captions that will make navigation easier for your visitors. You can strategically include 3 to 4 buttons to increase the chances of leading your visitors to other parts of your website.


Visuals are everything online. The more visually enticing the website, the easier it is to urge visitors to scroll down the page. When creating your website, remember to invest in quality and original photos.

Say no to stock photos for hero images. Try to integrate short video clips when necessary. It also pays to ensure that your images are within your selected color palette and overall theme of the website.

Smooth navigation

This applies largely if your website has more than 10 different pages. If you’re planning to create a huge website, ensure that you include a search bar on the top right portion. This way your visitors don’t have to jump from one page to another just to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Easy reach

Aside from urging your site visitors to purchase the products and services you offer, it’s also important to open communication lines with your customers. Make sure you have a Contact Us page that your customers can fill in for questions. Or you can indicate your contact details so they can reach you if they have inquiries.


Of course, space is necessary in every website to create balance between elements. But in the recent years, web designers around the world have also started using space to provide emphasis in elements they want to highlight. It helps direct the eyes of the visitors to see which part of the website they should see first and where they should go next. Space is a staple element in every website, but can be utilized in many different ways.

Consistent theme

 Choose a theme that’s responsive and consistent with the color scheme and tone that you’re going for. Select a theme that’s easy to modify and consistent in all pages. Content is important for website creation, but form is also just as vital. Remember that your theme is your website’s skeleton so carefully select one that you can easily personalize according to how you want, and will look good in any screen.

Generally, the elements written above are some of the most common that you can find in websites. But it’s important to remember that your website has to stand out amidst these common elements.

The key in creating a superb website is to be unique, while maintaining an eye for balance. Weigh which elements you need to maximize and tone down, that way it’s easier to create a website that’s captivating and great for marketing.

PerOla Hammar 陈家悦
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