PAYPAL CURRENCY CONVERTER – PayPal in the best probable manner

Quick review

Paypal Currency Converter PRO is the most dynamic WooCommerce plugin that provides you with the best solution for converting each PayPal currencies in the best probable manner. This plug-in is compatible to all WordPress sites and offers full pack features. This plug-in is also following the latest WooCommerce standards which allow you to use it easily.

PayPal currency converter pro plugin is intended for WordPress sites and it also covers WooCommerce PayPal payment access. It also permits users to use PayPal’s payment gateway with those currencies that are not supported.


  • Converts shopping cart total.
  • Gives warning for unsupported settings.
  • Converts Tax
  • Google’s exchange rates history chart of the last 5 years.
  • Have your virtual product orders automatically completed after checkout
  • Converts shipping costs
  • Custom Currency
  • Supports customized version of PayPal Advanced.
  • Logs the actions into a log file.
  • Tool-tip helps on every item.
  • Demo Translation Ready
  • Easy-to-use Setup
  • Supports upcoming and customized version of PayPal Digital Goods gateway
  • Actual Currency Exchange Rates will be retrieved from “Open Exchange Rates API”, YAHOO Finance, or European Central Bank.
  • Supports customized version of Social Deals Engine
  • Sends notice email to the admin’s email address when the exchange rate has been updated.


PayPal currency converter pro plug-in for WooCommerce is known to be one of the best plug-ins in the industry. Users can now have the chance to convert their money while shopping online. Overall performance of this plug-in is 7 of 10.

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