Press Releases

More than just sharing news…

What’s new with your business? I like to keep people posted on new products and services in my industry through press releases and blogs. It helps my brand, Capsis Media, stay connected with the people I care about – my clients. They appreciate my efforts and reciprocate with love and loyalty to my business by being return customers or clients.

Maybe your business has been around for years and you wish to give your customers a new perspective – a fresher take on your offerings? I can certainly help with that. Let’s keep your customers informed, updated and excited with captivating press releases.

100% Custom – Appealing Copy

Capsis Media tailors press releases for your specific audience and distributes them to relevant platforms, online or offline, where they get maximum exposure.

Content is King

The content of your press releases will be strategic and relevant to better communicate your message and rouse people to respond positively.

Clear Call to Action

Getting the right response from your customers is easy when sufficient persuasion is used and the call to action is clear and direct – something I focus on at CapsisMedia.

My specialty is writing press releases that deliver your message straight to the people you want to reach and inspire them to take the right action at the right time.