Security Ninja Free WP Plugin Review

Security Ninja is a popular WordPress plugin that has made it to that list of the most effective security providers on the web. But is it really worth a try? In this article, we will break down the upsides and downsides of this WordPress plugin.

As mentioned above, Security Ninja is a WordPress plugin that is downloadable for free. It helps thousands of business owners to stay safe on the internet through their quick but thorough scans. It has paid options also that have more advanced features. But for this review, we will concentrate on the effectiveness of its free plugin version.


Quick and thorough scans – One thing that is really impressive about Security Ninja is its ability to perform a thorough sweep on a website by performing 40+ scans that include brute-force attacks.The scans are also performed in under a minute, after which a color coded report is given.

An immediate and more controlled fix – After scanning the website, Security Ninja gives a report on the results, which include an explanation of the threats found as well as the available solutions to fix the problem. It is up to the owner, however, to implement the solution which generally constitutes adding codes to the functions.php files.

Prevention from attacks – Aside from the quick scans, this security plugin also a few extra layers of security from online breaches. It helps prevent 0-day attacks, quickly detects security vulnerabilities, identifies problematic files, removes exploits and fixes accidental file edits/deletes, fixes broken WordPress updates, and many others.

It works with any theme – Whatever theme you may be using for your website, Security Ninja promises to work effectively and quickly. It also doesn’t make any changes to your website, so it’s definitely not risky to download.


It cannot guarantee 100% security- This plugin is quite promising, especially for owners of small websites who cannot afford to hire their own IT expert yet. But, like any other plugins and security providers on the web, you cannot make your website totally safe from online breaches since most of the controls are still with the site owner.

It doesn’t work with security plugins – Security Ninja generally works well with different plugins, except those that concerns with maintaining security. They specifically mentioned about having an issue with the security plugin, Wordfence, and advised their users to disable their Wordfence plugin while using Security Ninja.

The process slows down during a scan – But then again, their scan only lasts for a minute at most, so it’s not really much of a downside, isn’t it?

Overall, Security Ninja is actually useful for all websites, given that it’s free. The downloadable WP plugin is fast and easy to use, even for those who don’t have an advance knowledge in coding, which means every website owner around the world can use it.

The free plugin, in itself is pretty useful, but it’s worth noting also that Security Ninja offers three pro options for web owners. They offer “Single Site” package for folks that (as the name suggests) can be installed on one site with a year’s worth of updates. It costs $39.

Security Ninja also offers “Multi Site” package, which is perfect for owners of multiple websites. It can be installed on up to 99 sites with a year’s worth of updates. It costs $79. Last, but not the least, is its Pro options, sometimes called “Forever Unlimited” package, which can be installed on 99 sites. It also constitutes lifetime updates to make sure you’ll always stay secured forever.

The paid options include added security layers even during downtime, making it a super effective shield against online attacks. With its scanning device, along with its easy to implement fixes, we’d say that Security Ninja is definitely a must-have for every website owner.

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