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Social Media: Three Keys to Success on Twitter

Twitter is an excellent platform for most brands, but the site takes a level of know-how to get right. It’s essential to have a different strategy for each social media channel, as different sites need a unique approach. Therefore, this article looks at some brand tips specific to Twitter.

1. Don’t be afraid to follow

Significant brands may be able to get away with not following on Twitter and still see their audience grow. However, the majority of companies will have to work a lot harder to grow their audience. One of the best actions you can take is to follow other users on Twitter in the early stages.

Think of this in terms of allowing potential customers to get to know your brand. As your audience grows, you will see more engagement on your social media posts and more traffic to your website. It is essential to avoid following too many accounts over a short period, so think of this as a gradual process.

2. Stay active and consistent

Twitter is one of those platforms where you can post a lot of updates each day or week. However, consistency will also play a significant part in your success, so it’s better to set a realistic schedule. Your engagement level on the site will dry up if your updates suddenly stop.

One of the best ways to ensure your updates remain consistent is to schedule them in advance. Remember this doesn’t stop you adding further updates but ensures your account stays active. It also means you don’t have to manually update your social media each day, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business as needed.

3. Remember Twitter isn’t a sales platform

Some brands make the mistake of thinking Twitter is purely a sales platform. However, users do not follow accounts because they want to be sold to. If that’s all they are looking for, they can go directly to the brand’s website.

Generally speaking, users are looking for information, engagement, entertainment and conversation on social media. Twitter is the best example of a conversational social media site. Therefore, brands should aim to communicate and engage with users mostly and only aim to sell occasionally. Remember that the more tweets you have, the less noticeable sales updates will be so this is where being active comes in as well.

Twitter is an excellent platform for many brands, but success on the social media site isn’t as easy as it may appear at first. Your brand will need to follow some simple rules to make a mark. Therefore, remember to follow other users, stay active and only to post sales tweets occasionally.

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