What are clients saying about Capsis Media?

George from Montreal writes... “We have been loyal clients of Capsis Media for over 3 years and will continue to praise them on their excellent customer service and quality web services. We have been in business since the early 90’s and have worked with several web companies throughout the years, however none like Capsis. We will remain loyal clients of Capsis for their outstanding work. Thank you again!”

Industry: Fashion, Luxury Garment Manufacturing 
Purchased: Custom Website Design, Programming, Hosting, SEO, Internet Marketing, Webmaster Services 

Melissa from New York writes... “Over a year ago I was looking for a website developer to create a unique website for our small business. A friend referred me to Capsis Media because of their great customer service. They were able to meet my budget and deliver a website far beyond what we expected. I will remain a client of Capsis for years to come.”

Industry: Business Services, Printing, Marketing Firm
Purchased: Custom Website Design, Programming, Hosting, SEO, Internet Marketing

Tony from Florida writes... “I never thought I would come across a web designer that actually does what they say! I ordered several custom websites from Capsis Media and I must say that the service, quality and price were amazing. I’m opening up a new restaurant in the coming year and will definitely hire Capsis again”

Industry: Restaurants 
Purchased: Custom Website Design, Programming, Hosting, SEO, Internet Marketing

Alex from Ireland writes... “Within my budget, on time and always answers emails with my questions. I loved working with Capsis and will definitely refer them to my friends and family.”

Industry: Delivery Service
Purchased: Custom Website Design, Programming, Hosting 

Mark from California writes... “I own a website design company in California and was looking for a company I can trust  to outsource our design and programming projects to. I found Capsis online and sent in a test project, they surpassed what I expected and am now outsourcing projects weekly to them. I am very thankful that I came across their website.”

Industry: Website Design Company
Purchased: Outsourcing Website Design and Development Projects

Albert from Australia writes... “I’ll admit, Capsis is the best website development company I have worked with in the past 5 years. I produce websites for resell and working with Capsis has made my life 10x easier. They produce quality website and scripts for me, exactly as ordered and are available anytime when I have a question. I’ve never dealt with a company that replies so fast! “

Industry: Entrepreneur 
Purchased: Custom Website Design, Programming

Matt from London writes... “Capsis produced a project management script for my content creation business and I am very pleased with the results. It has made my online business much easier to manage and now I spend half the time as I use to managing my clients. I am planning my next project and will be placing more orders with Capsis, that’s for sure.”

Industry: Content Writer, Entrepreneur
Purchased: Custom Website Design, Programming, Hosting, SEO, Internet Marketing