Visual Attributes – WooCommerce Variable Products – customize your element of choice

Visual Attributes is a WooCommerce plugin that amplify variable products replacing the dropdown feature with images, icons, and color swatches. You are able to customize by clicking on each attribute and selecting your descriptive element of choice. It is good for mobile devices since users will only tap the element instead of launching the select interface.

We have listed some of the good points in this WooCommerce plugin that you may find appealing:

  • Integrated with WooCommerce Interface
  • Improve shop performance by showing both in and out of stock variable products.
  • Easy to install in the WooCommerce interface and overrule default settings in installation.
  • Customizable shop attributes that allows you to select styles for borders, background, thumbnails, colors and HTML for every attribute.
  • Compatible and supports all kinds of templates so it fits into any shop theme style.

To be fair, we will also enumerate several issues from customers associated with the visual attributes plugin:

  • Not really compatible with all themes since there are some that they have not tested yet.
  • Despite the easy installation, adding variables takes little more effort.
  • Adding variables to WooCommerce is complicating for some users.

If you are finding it difficult to add variables to your e-commerce store, here are simple steps you can do to do it right:

  1. Visit Products tab > Attribute > Add Attribute
  2. Click Configure terms > Create your options
  3. Go back to catalogue > Look for product > Product Data Section > Change product type
  4. Attributes Tab > Pick attribute and click add
  5. On the Variations tab, start adding variations
  6. Click on the bar and panel will appear
  7. On price field, change price. Viola!
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