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Ways To Design A “Contact Us” Page That Converts

The contact us page on your site plays an important role and helps you to convert visitors into customers. These days, most of the website owners have an ordinary contact us page. This is not sufficient in today’s competitive age wherein all the individuals involved in the web-based business compete fiercely to increase their businesses.That is why you need to create an effective contact us page on your site. It allows customers to get in touch with you easily and effortlessly and give you more business opportunities. So, if you want to create an amazing contact us page that helps you in lead generation, keep a few things in mind-

1. Make Contact us Minimal & Simple

Visitors love to visit websites that are easy-to-use and clutter-free. So, you should try to use only those design elements that make your contact us page appealing and user-friendly. To do so, you can try the following:

  • Use catchy and clear headings/titles. They attract users and help them to understand the content easily.
  • Use appropriate fonts that help visitors to read the content easily.
  • The contact us form should be simple. Don’t make it lengthy as visitors don’t like to fill lengthy forms to register their issues.

2. Add Call To Action Buttons

Call to action buttons are one of the most significant elements on contact us page. It is the last point of interaction (between the website owner and visitors). It helps the owners to convert visitors into customers.

Therefore, your landing page must have at least one clear and catchy call to action button such as sign up for newsletters and RSS feeds, download the content, etc. Avoid unnecessary CTA buttons as they distract users. Use only those CTA buttons that encourage customers to take actions.

3. Provide Hassle-Free Navigation

Website navigation is an important factor which determines the usability of websites and scripts in success or failure. If your site is difficult to navigate, visitors abandon it and search for other similar options. You should add navigation links appropriately to the contact us page so that visitors can easily find what they need to complete the desired actions.

If you run a Magento site, then you must provide primary as well as secondary sub-navigation on its landing page to increase its usability.

4. Add Google Map

When you run a small scale business at physical locations and have its online presence, then it becomes essential for you to add online maps to your site’s landing page. It helps buyers to reach out your offline office using the map available on your site. For example- You can add the Google map to your Magento E-commerce site landing page using Magento extensions.

5. Add Social Media Channels

Different social media channels are now a significant source of website traffic. It gives more business opportunities to the owners of web-based businesses. Therefore, all leading brands and business firms have their social media presence.

So, you must add social media links to your contact page. It helps visitors to follow your activities on different social media channels and get in touch with in an easy way whenever they need. Moreover, it increases the credibility of your site.

6. Test “Contact Us” Page For Effectiveness

You can’t deny the importance of having a well-designed contact us page when you run specific digital marketing campaigns to boost conversion and increase sales. It doesn’t matter how well you have designed the contact us page, there is always a room for further improvement to increase its effectiveness.

Whenever, you feel that your site’s “contact us” page is not performing well, conduct A/B test and use the best format that is likely to remain more effective.

7. Make Contact Us Page Responsive

These days, people use different mobile devices to visit websites. If your site’s contact us page is not optimized for mobile devices, users will not be able to access this page on their mobile phones and you will see a decline in your sales and conversion.

Just optimize the contact us page very well and make them mobile responsive. It helps visitors to accomplish their actions quickly on their mobile devices.

8. Display Sufficient Information

Most of the companies and business firms don’t provide enough content on “contact us” page. They simply provide an Email ID and contact number and think that customers will start contacting them one after another. Usually, it doesn’t happen.

If your contact us page has no sufficient content, visitors assume that you want to hide some important information about your business. This impression causes a significant decline in the conversion rate. You should add sufficient content on your site’s contact us page that is relevant to your web-based business. This will encourage visitors to get some useful information on that page and react accordingly.

Final Words

These are some ultimate tips that will help you to an create user-friendly and appealing contact us page on your site and increase your conversion rate. If you want to build a compelling contact us page for your Magento site, you can seek help from the Magento development company.

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