What Makes a Good Business Logo

Every successful brand comes with an equally popular logo that has been imprinted into the minds of their customers. It holds the business’ identity which sets them apart from their competitors.

A pair of Nike shoes is easy to spot in the store because of their popular black check mark logo. A logo of a white maiden in green background is often associated with coffee. Kids’ faces usually light up whenever they see mom bring home a bag with that colorful Toys R Us logo.

Bottomline, a logo can boost a company’s identity and allows the brand to stand out. Logos are integral part of the company’s branding that they get to strengthen with time.

But in a market filled with different logos for different brands,it begs the question: what are the characteristics that make up a good business logo?

Here, we list 5 features:

  1. Simple- “Less is more” is a phrase that can be applied when creating a logo for your brand. The most successful brands in the market are usually those with simple brand logos. A simple logo is elegant-looking, easy on the eyes, and even easier to remember.
  1. Memorable- Like simplicity, memorability is another characteristic that every business logo should aim for. Having a logo that’s easy to remember is the first step to creating a personal connection with customers, and strengthening it through consistent marketing and careful branding.
  1. Unique- This sets your business apart from your competitors and ultimately allows you to stand out. A unique logo attracts the eyes;italso allows bigger room for brand retention.
  1. Adaptability – Branding and marketing is multi-faceted. It deals with many different mass media platforms, including print media. Subsequently, print media’s mostly black and white, and logos can sometimes be printed in small fonts or sizes. Therefore, when creating a logo, it’s important to come up with one that will look just as captivating and unique in small black and white version as much as it is in a larger size with full color.
  1. True to the brand- With this characteristic, “identity” is the keyword. When coming up with a business logo, it’s important to remember that you’re basically creating a picture that customers can identify easily for your business. It doesn’t have to be that obvious or trendy. In fact, the trend shouldn’t be a factor when creating a business logo. Instead, a logo should embody what the brand stands for and one that only gets better with time.

Overall, a good business logo should be created with identity and memorability in mind. Aesthetics only covers half the job. It is essentially the individuality and relevance to the brand that makes the logo stand out among the rest.

Investing time and effort is important when creating a logo. In truth, it’s not enough that you create a logo that’s pretty and eye-catching. What matters more is creating a logo that your customers can easily identify and remember, and one that you can use and improve over the years.

PerOla Hammar 陈家悦
Father of 2. Marketing, sales & web geek who is open-minded & eager to learn. Experienced a lot in the past years, both good and bad. Lesson learned? LIVE LIFE!