WooCommerce Payment Reminder – remind your customers to pay

WooCommerce Payment Reminder is a premium plugin that has a key feature of reminding customers of recurring payments – periodical payments.

The plugin informs the customers who have unpaid dues to complete their orders via e-mail. The email template is tailored-made or customizable, suited for the user’s preference.

This Payment Reminder plugin is capable of sending a number of different emails to various customers on a timely basis. Users have the option to send payment reminders manually or automatically.

For small businesses with a small number of clients, they are able to utilize the manual reminder email. However, for large companies with a huge number of clients, the automated quantity reminder email is best for them.

In addition, the plugin is able to manage billing cycles, payment process and automatically generates email that follow ups customers on their payment. The Payment Reminder best suits with WooCommerce Subscription extension.

Here are some of the benefits we’ve seen so far with this plugin:

  • Reduce the number of unpaid invoices
  • Fast and Simple Messaging that is cheaper than sending a letter (cost for stamps, checks, envelopes, gas, and post office fees) or making a phone call
  • Less likely to be victimized by identity theft since customers no longer need to send paper payments with credit card or checking account number.
  • Environmentally Friendly by saving paper and trees

In regards to the disadvantages, it is mostly in the part of the customers. The biggest concern may be that large margin of error. Computers may be smart, but this does not guarantee full accuracy of records.

The error might start during encoding. This will result to customers getting angry because of wrong billing which may not be good for an online store’s image.

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