WordPress Social Timeline – be social as never before


The WordPress Social Timeline Plugin allows user to recover posts, statuses, images and videos from all social networking sites. It retrieves data from the most recent post to the oldest. This fantastic WordPress plugin has the ability to recover important, special and memorable post from the past.

This plugin also makes it easier for us WordPress users to read previous blogs. I have decided to create an unbiased review about this WordPress plugin since I was able to use it to some of my WP sites.

Basic features of WordPress Social Timeline Plug-in

  • Retrieve videos from Youtube using appropriate keywords
  • Obtain posts, status, photos and videos from all social networking sites such as Dribbble, Digg, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Soundcloud, Instagram, Tumbler, Lastfm, Flickr, and Delicious
  • Recover Tweets by using hashtag
  • The ability to show and hide social icons
  • Displays different styles
  • Can limit the number of feeds to recover
  • Add multiple feeds
  • Simple to customize
  • Supports Social Filter
  • It also has RSS inclusions such as: twitter – Twitter username, facebook_page – Facebook Page ID, find the ID of your FB page in, delicious – Delicious Username, soundcloud – Soundcloud Username, flickr – Flickr User ID, find your ID in, flickr_hash – Flickr Hashtag, digg – Digg Username, tumblr – Tumblr Username, youtube – Youtube Username, youtube_search – Youtube Search Keywords, dribbble – Dribbble Username

Quick Review

The WordPress Social Timeline Plug-in can be a little confusing since there is still a need to use a PHP server before connecting to all social networking sites. Most of the RSS feeds shown above can somehow help me retrieve my old data.


The performance of WordPress Social Timeline Plug-in can be slow at times and some of its features are confusing. However, its goal to retrieve old posts and statuses is achieved. They deserve a rate of 6 of 10.

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