WP Pro Forum System – forum the easy way


The WordPress Pro Forum system plug-in allows users to add a forum on their website. It also offers powerful features that can build a professional looking forum lay-out. This plug-in is created to build eligible front-end design to WordPress sites. It allows WP users to manage replies, comments, topics, tags and categories from the dashboard setting.

WP Pro forum plug-in features

Basically, this plug-in is very simple yet powerful since it has the ability to create replies, comments and topics. It also has unique standard text editor feature. In this review, we will discuss the basics of its features.

Product review

Create replies – this will allow users to reply on all wordpress topics.

Create comments – this will allow users to leave a comment in every topics and replies.

Create topics – this will allow users to create unique and interesting topic using WordPress standard text editor.

Standard text editor- this feature allows user to upload photos and codes in HTML, CSS and PHP format in to their wordpress topics, replies and comments.

Generally, this plug-in will allow users to edit all of their written post. They can also remove and update it if they want to. This plugin will also encourage users to follow their favourite WordPress posts. They can even receive the most updated email notifications. Users can also customize the style of the theme the way they wanted their website to appear on to their viewers.

The disadvantage of this plug-in is that, it continues to notify viewers even if the post has already been deleted which I think is not appropriate for some users.


WordPress Pro Forum system gives user the power to create anything under the sun. Though it has some lapses, it still works well for us.

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